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BetDSI $150,000 March Bracket Contest

The 2014 NCAA Tournament starts next week and college basketball fans and basketball betting fanatics everywhere are lining up to take a shot at winning big money. One of the most notable contests pays out one billion dollars for a perfect bracket! One billion dollars is the biggest cash prize awarded in the history of college basketball March Madness bracket contests, but there is only one catch, you have to be perfect to win it. Do you know what the chances of being perfect in a March Madness Bracket contest?

You guessed it, they are astronomical and barring a miracle, this cash prize will never be paid out. In fact you have a one-in-9.2-quintillion chance of filling out a flawless NCAA tournament bracket. That is not a very good chance in fact you have a better chance to do almost anything else in the world. This is the exact kind of contest that frustrates college basketball fans that are chasing after an impossible to get cash prize.

The great folks at Diamond Sportsbook International also known as BetDSI, feel your frustration and set out to make a March Madness bracket contest that would reward their players instead of giving them an unobtainable goal to chase down.

They have set up a March Madness central headquarters at their website that gives the diehard March Madness fan everything that they would want for the NCAA tournament. Get updated and printable 2014 bracket Schedules, standings, updates, and news. Check your current bracket standings and score in the $150,000 2014 Bracket Challenge and our Free Facebook 2014 Bracket Contest. They offer up two great contests and all you have to do is sign up and bet on college basketball at one of the most highly rated sportsbooks in the industry today.


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To make things even more appealing BetDSI offers up to $2500 in bonuses for the college basketball fan who signs up and deposits money in their account to bet on all of the Madness in March. To receive an entry, contestants must have opened a new account at BetDSI and make a deposit of US$300 or more (or currency equivalent). Or, if the contestant is already a customer, by re-loading their betting account with US$300 or more. With each deposit you'll receive one free contest entry per every $300 iteration. This means that if you like to bet on sports and college basketball you can keep getting entries just by betting on sports!

The perfect combination for this March is the BetDSI $150,000 March Madness Bracket Contest and college basketball.

This year the 2014 NCAA tournament is going to be loaded with Madness and it’s time that you stopped chasing one billion dollars that will never be won and instead get paid real money in the BetDSI $150,000 March Madness Bracket Contest!