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supercontest week 15

While some are focused on the top 50 or the top prize of more than $1.3 million, most of the focus for Week 15 of the Westgate SuperContest is on the start of the Mini Contest.

A disastrous third period in Buffalo sent us to our third-straight losing night and knocking us below .500 for the season at 2-3. Still toying around with a few different things and may be switching formats a bit depending on how the next four or five days go.

We moved to 27-10 with our NBA totals plays on Friday night and now have a relatively modest eight-game schedule to deal with on Saturday.

nfl futures picks

I’m not sure we have any idea what shape the NFC Playoffs are about to take, and in the AFC I think we’re all still waiting for any other challenger to emerge to potentially topple the Pittsburgh-New England title game