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NFL Power Rankings

(331) ATLANTA @ (332) TAMPA BAY | 8:30 pm 12/18/2017

Play Line: TAMPA BAY 6.5
BTB PowerLine: TAMPA BAY +4

Edge On: TAMPA BAY 2.5Bet Now

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A late scoring push between the Bucks and Rockets moved us to 28-10 on the season with our NBA totals plays of the day and we have a fairly small schedule Sunday, with just four games on the schedule, highlighted by a decent Eastern Conference matchup between the Cleveland Cavs and Washington Wizards.

We were 13 seconds shy of evening our record, but a late goal by the Los Angeles Kings dropped us to 2-4 with our NHL totals plays of the day. A few of the losses have been frustrating, while a few were simply off the mark. Will keep plugging away and see if we can’t get things straightened out.

nba situational december 18-24

Every team in the NBA has Sunday off before the marquee games on the Christmas holiday, but we’ve got six long days to get through before that point.

We went 5-3 overall in the Expected Goals category yesterday but the record finished 3-5 in what has become an incredibly frustrating December. We’re still consistently beating the closing line every day and we’re winning the Expected Goals battle more than our results are showing. So, although this month has royally sucked, there aren’t any serious red flags pointing to something being drastically wrong. It’s just a (really) tough stretch and we should expect the tide to eventually turn back in our favor. We’re still +15.39 units for the season and while that number was almost double when we began this month, the big picture goal is to have a winning season and so far we’re accomplishing that goal.