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NFL Rewind: Week 6

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As usual the NFL had an exciting week of football in week six as well as its share of surprises. The NFL Rewind will break down some of the best game and the best performances of the weekend. 

Week 6 in the NFL is one that Denny Green may have liked. “They were who we thought they were!” It was a week where the good teams took it to some bad teams in the NFL and there were just a few surprises along the way. 

Three undefeated teams suited up this weekend but only two came out with wins. The Colts manhandled the Rams as they should have and kept out of the loss column but for two other teams it was much tougher than it looked. The Saints had to come back on the road after being down 24-3 to win and stay undefeated. The defense had to turn it up and the Dolphins choked away a huge lead. In Pittsburgh the Vikings were not so lucky. The Steelers held off a few late rallies from the Vikings to get the win and send Brett Favre and company home with the first loss of the season. The Vikings took the loss but they were not the only people taking a loss this week. 

The sportsbooks in Vegas took a pounding this week as the public cashed on big favorites over and over again on Sunday. They needed some late minute heroics to cover bets placed on the Saints and the Steelers but besides that Sunday was a walk in the park for favorites. The Colts, Patriots and the Jets covered lines with big wins and the Eagles ended the week with a blowout win to send the books to a tough week six in the NFL. You can make sure they will work hard to sharpen the lines for this week’s action. 

When it comes to upsets there was one big one as the Cardinals took down the New York Football Giants. The Giants looked lifeless as the Cardinals defense shut down the Giants and walked away with a huge upset win in the meadowlands.  

Whn it came to the numbers the Bengals put up some of the best stats of the weekend. Carson Palmer threw for five scores and his backfield mate Cedric Benson rushed for 198 yards to lead the rushers in week six as he tore up his old team.  

This Week in the NFL promises to be a great week as the Vikings and Brett Favre travel to Green Bay to take on his former club. The Rewind will be back with all of the highlights and low lights in the NFL for week seven! 

Make sure to stop by the NFL Betting forum and chat about this weeks upcoming games and see all of the selections and winning information that is posted on a daily basis.

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