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NFL Rewind: Week 14

This week and for the last several weeks the focus remained on the undefeated teams in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints fended off the division rival Atlanta Falcons and remained unbeaten on the season. Perhaps their last real test may happen in week 15 when they face the Dallas Cowboys on a Saturday night. The other undefeated team is the Indianapolis Colts. They faced the wild card hungry Denver Broncos and continued their winning ways with yet another convincing victory. The Colts have not gotten the attention that the Saints have but they seem to be deadlier as they have experience in the post season and most likely enjoy the attention that the Saints are getting. The Saints have already announced that they are going for the record of 16-0 and it won’t be too long before the Colts announce the same thing.

Week 14 had a few upsets as well. The niners stunned the Cardinals on Monday night and the Chargers shocked the cowboys in Dallas. The Dolphins stayed alive with a big wild card win over the Jaguars and the Bills upset the Chiefs on the road. If you were looking for the biggest upset of the week however you had to go back to Thursday. The Browns upset the Steelers and got the biggest win of the season for the troubled franchise. The Steelers set a record for consecutive losses for a defending champion and will need some help to get to the playoffs.

The Patriots won in week 14 but they had their share of controversy. The secondary of the Panthers announced that Randy Moss quit on the team in the second quarter. Since then his QB and his coach have defended him but Randy Moss is under the red hot spotlight again.

Week 14 also had some great excellent individual performances. It started with a record breaking effort at wide receiver by Brandon Marshall as he nabbed 21 catches for 200 yards and two scores. In the air Matt Schaub torched the Seattle secondary for over 350 yards and two scores and finally on the ground Ray Rice stomped the Lions putting up 166 yards and a score.

Looking ahead to week 15 the schedule is full of games that could have playoff implications. Miami takes on the Titans and this is a must win for a playoff push and both the Colts and the Saints will find challenges in remaining unbeaten as they take on two teams fighting for a playoff spot. They rewind will be back for week 15 t cover all the great games, upsets, and star performances of the week!

Make sure to stop by the NFL Betting forum and chat about this weeks upcoming games and see all of the selections and winning information that is posted on a daily basis.

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