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NFL Rewind: Week 10

Week ten in the NFL has come and gone but brought with it plenty of excitement and games that came down to the last minute. There were some unbelievable performances and not all of them ended up in a positive way as some dubious records were set. Peyton Manning threw six interceptions in the first time in his storied career and Adam Vinateri missed a field goal from a short distance that he would normally be able to hit with his eyes closed. There were good games and great performances to focus on as well. This week the rewind goes above and beyond again with an in-depth review, a look at the fantasy players that made noise in week ten as well as the big dog of the week.

Beyond the line:
Beyond the line looks beyond the game and takes into account the Las Vegas line and how it played out for the week. Home teams were not the way to go in week ten as many of the home teams came up short and a few were blown out! With the QB issues they have you may expect a loss from the Carolina Panthers and the Raiders losing at home is not actually headline news, but some teams that were making a late push to the playoffs came up short in a big way. The Saints, Chiefs, and Titans were just some of the home teams that came up short in the win column. If a sports bettor took the home team blindly on Sunday they would have finished with a poor 3-10 ATS mark. The road team was the way to go for profit in the NFL in week ten.

Big Dog of the week:
Plenty of underdogs led the way this week with impressive wins. As mentioned in the opener, the Colts fell flat in San Diego as Manning and a very poor day. The Benglas, Jags, Philly, Denver, and Atlanta were other dogs that took a bit out of the favorite this week, but the big dog of the week goes to the St. Louis Rams. They were the biggest dog of the week as they were getting double digits against the Saints on the road and after they gave up an opening drive touchdown it looked like they would still be winless at the end of the day. The responded with an offensive explosion and held on late to get their first win of the season.

Fantasy Impact Player of the Week:
The fantasy players had a field day again this week as there were several outstanding performances. Clinton Portis led the way on the ground rushing for 137 yards and Reggie Wayne led in receiving with 140 yards, but the Fantasy impact player of the week goes to a quarterback. Brett Favre led all QB’s in passing with 351 yards and led his team to a blowout victory over the Vikings. It won’t be too long to the word MVP starts coming up with his name!

Must see Game for Week 11:
There are a few games that work for must see that should be on your list as the Patriots return to play and try to beat a tough home team in Buffalo. The lions try to recover from a tough loss but will have the equally ornery New York Giants coming to town. Rivalries are back as Washington will try to slow down the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland and Baltimore go head to head in division.

Make sure to stop by the NFL Betting forum and chat about this weeks upcoming games and see all of the selections and winning information that is posted on a daily basis.

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