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NFL Week 6 ATS Power Rankings

Week 6 2010 NFL Power Rankings (through 10/18/10)

1: New York Jets (5-1 ATS, 5-1 SU) - Man, does QB Mark Sanchez have a lot of tenacity right now. Yes, he was picked off for the first two times on the season this weekend, but he showed the guts when he really needed to and led the Jets on a game winning touchdown drive on the road when only three points would've been good enough to tie. Instead, the "no guts, no glory" Jets are now at 5-1 and largely in control of their position in the postseason race in the AFC.

2: Detroit Lions (5-1 ATS, 1-5 SU) - Give the Lions this... they just continue to fight hard regardless of what they're faced with. When QB Shaun Hill went down early in the game against the New York Giants, they easily could have just folded up shop and went into their bye week early. But instead of heading towards hibernation, they continued to fight and ultimately ended up nipping the G-Men in the NFL betting butt with two scores in the fourth quarter to pick up yet another cover. There is still just the one win to speak of, but we have to give Detroit all the credit in the world for just narrowly trumping the double digit NFL odds.

3: Kansas City Chiefs (4-1 ATS, 3-2 SU) - The Chiefs really might have taken the shaft this past weekend. It sure seemed like WR Andre Johnson should have been flagged for offensive pass interference instead of gaining 30+ yards on the final drive of the game for the Houston Texans. Instead, Johnson's catch stood, and he ultimately put the final nail in the coffin for KC on the day, snaring the touchdown pass that won the game for the hosts. In fairness though, you have nothing to complain about if you give up 21 points in the fourth quarter of any game whether you get screwed over or not.

4: Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1 ATS, 4-1 SU) - QB Ben Roethlisberger is back once again, and there might not be anything stopping the Steelers from winning the AFC North at this point. Pittsburgh is ready to roll and has taken control of the division once again with a dominating victory over the Cleveland Browns. This was the highest NFL spread in Week 6, but the black and gold got the job done thanks to the fact that Big Ben tossed his third touchdown pass of the game when the outcome was already virtually sewed up.

5: Tennessee Titans (4-2 ATS, 4-2 SU) - We talked about it last week and will mention it again. When RB Chris Johnson gets to 100+ yards, the Titans just continue to win games. They did it again on Monday Night Football, as CJ rumbled for 111 yards and a score to help trump the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-3. The night was so dominating that it almost slipped totally under the radar that QB Vince Young left with a mild leg injury. He isn't expected to really miss any more time though, so head coach Jeff Fisher and company have nothing to worry about aside from the fact that there is still a three way tie atop the AFC South at 4-2.

6: St. Louis Rams (4-2 ATS, 3-3 SU) - The Rams certainly aren't what we'd call "good" yet, but they do have a chance to get above the .500 mark this weekend by taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Truth be told, no one in the NFC West is really "good" at all, so don't discount the possibility of St. Louis making the playoffs. QB Sam Bradford put on another show over the weekend, and WR Denario Alexander made a tremendous name for himself in his first career game. The fact that the team didn't just beat the San Diego Chargers, but beat them by staving off a furious comeback makes for the type of win that makes an entire season for a team in dire need of some good news after a 1-15 campaign.

7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2 ATS, 3-2 SU) - The Bucs might be on their last legs on this top ATS list, as they were absolutely crippled by the New Orleans Saints over the weekend at home in a game that sent a ton of fans heading for the exits before the fourth quarter even began. This might be the last shot to make some real headway in the NFC South this year, as the St. Louis Rams are coming to town, but no one in Tampa Bay expected this team to be anything special this year. QB Josh Freeman needs to show signs of improvement, and as long as that keeps happening, the Bucs are in fine shape for 2011.

8: Baltimore Ravens (3-2-1 ATS, 4-2 SU) - For Baltimore, surviving this stretch of games at 3-2-1 ATS and 4-2 SU was probably a blessing considering the fact that it has already endured games against the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers all on the road. Things finally loose up just a bit this week, as the Buffalo Bills should stand absolutely no chance of going into Baltimore and walking away with their first win of the season. Anything less than a shutout will probably be disappointing to this defense.

9: Indianapolis Colts (3-2-1 ATS, 4-2 SU) - They tried their best to screw it up at the end, but at least the Colts survived and picked up a push in spite of the fact that the Washington Redskins had the ball with a chance to win at the death on Sunday Night Football. QB Peyton Manning and crew still don't totally look like the same team that won the AFC last season though, and perhaps the upcoming bye week will help sort out some of the problems that need fixing. Manning certainly doesn't need to be fixed, though. He had yet another 300+ yard passing game and is glad to have back WR Pierre Garcon, who went over the century mark in his first game back from injury.

10: Seattle Seahawks (3-2 ATS, 3-2 SU) - Are the Seahawks fool's gold at this point? We know that this club has had all sorts of trouble going on the road and picking up victories, but they did just that on Sunday in Soldier Field, snaring a huge 'W' to set themselves up for a good run in the NFC West. Next week's game might officially mark the resurgence of QB Matt Hasselbeck, as a win would put Seattle back in control of the NFC West after several years back in the gutter. Qwest Field should be rockin' with this one on Sunday afternoon in Week 7.

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