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2009 - 2010 New York Jets Superbowl Prediction

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The NFL Playoff Previews cover all of the teams heading to the post-season. This set of previews will discuss why a team will or will not win the Superbowl and offer a prediction on the chances to win the conference and the big game as well as the latest future odds. Checkout the Superbowl Prediction page for more NFL playoff team previews.

Why the Jets will win the Superbowl:

The New York Jets had an up and down season in the NFL but in the end they held their playoff fate in their own hands. This team has the key ingredients to do well and go far in the NFL post season but they need to prove they can win with a young quarterback.  

Defense is the key to winning ball games and the Jets have that part covered. They have the best cover corner in the league and are the best in the league at shutting down the opposition. They are #1 in yards allowed in the league and that could allow them to pull an upset or two along the way. 

When it comes to the offense they can move the ball on the ground and have one of the best offensive lines in the league. They are number one in the entire National football league when it comes to rushing the ball. This kind of offense will do wonders to keep the pressure off the rookie quarterback and to let the defense get plenty of rest to tackle any offense.  

Rex Ryan is the fiery coach of this squad and he brings passion and a willingness to be the best. The most important thing he brings to the game is the fact that he has been here before. He was very successful with the Ravens and he brings that same intensity to the Jets, and it may just translate into the same kind of wins the Ravens had while he was there. 

Why the Jets will not win the Superbowl:  

The biggest factor that will stop this Jets team is the play at quarterback. Mark Sanchez is a great young quarterback but he is still very young. He has yet to prove that he can play in the big game and in the middle of the season he had some ugly games that caused him to be replaced. If he does that in the playoffs they are done. 

Rex Ryan is a passionate coach, but he is also stubborn. This year that has cost him as he believes his defense cannot be beat. He will continue to run the same defense time and time again even if it gets beat. He did this against the Patriots in a rematch game and his defense was torched. He has to listen to the other coaches and plan for better adjustments. 

The offense is one dimensional and that allows defenses to stack the box against the Jets.

As of right now they rank a putrid 23rd overall in the league in red zone scoring offense. This is because when the Jets get close to the end zone they have to try and pass to offset the run and the defense keys on the running. This puts the pressure on Sanchez to perform and he has had some problems in this spot. 

Current Odds from Diamond Sportsbook for the New York Jets in the Playoffs 

Odds to win the AFC: 30/1

Odds to win the Superbowl: 65/1 

Prediction: The Jets will not win the Superbowl or the AFC. 

Those odds look delicious and I don’t think that anyone who takes a small shot on the Jets here is making such a bad calls. After all this team has the number one defense and rushing offense in the NFL. That alone is worthy of a shot. 

The AFC is more talented to me than the NFC and it will be tough for any team to get through the entire bracket on the road. I know teams in the past have proved that a wild card team can get to the big game but I just don’t see it with the Jets. 

The Jets will give it a good fight in the first round but quite frankly I would be surprised if they got much further. They are a team on the rise and have a bright future ahead of them but for right now they will be on the outside looking in for this year.

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