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NFL and Football Acronyms - Abbreviations

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Getting ready to handicapping the NFL or College football? First step is to understand all the abbreviations aka acronyms in the boxscore. Here is a list of the most common used abbreviations!

-20: Punts inside the 20 yard line
AFC: American Football Conference
AST: Assisted tackles
ATS: Against the Spread
ATT: Attempts
AVG: Average
BLK: Punts or field goals blocked
C: Completion
CAR: Carries
DL: Defensive Lineman
F: Fumble or could be used for "final"
FFUM: Forced fumbles
FG: Field goal
FGA: Field goals attempted
FGM: Field goals made
FUM: Fumble
FUMR: Fumble recoveries
INT: Interceptions
INTTD: Interceptions returned for touchdowns
K: Kicker
KR: Kick Return or Kick Returner
LG: Long or longest
LOST: Lost fumbles
ML: Moneyline
NFC: National Football Conference
NO: Number
OL: Offensive Lineman
PCT: Percent
PD: Passes deflected
PR: Punt Return
R: Rushes
RUSH: Rushing attempts
RB: Running Back
POSS: Time of possession
QB: Quarterback
QTR: Quarter
S: Safety
SACK: Sacks
SOLO: Solo tackes
T: Tackles
Tack: Tackles
TB: Touchback
TD: Touchdown
TP: Total plays
TOT: Total
XPA: Extra points attempted
XP: Extra point
XPM: Extra points made
Y/A: Yards per attempt
YDS: Yards