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2009 - 2010 San Diego Chargers Superbowl Prediction

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The NFL Playoff Previews cover all of the teams heading to the post-season. This set of previews will discuss why a team will or will not win the Superbowl and offer a prediction on the chances to win the conference and the big game as well as the latest future odds. Checkout the Superbowl Prediction page for more NFL playoff team previews.

Why the Chargers will win the Superbowl:

The Chargers came out of nowhere after a slow start and now have one of the longest winning streaks in the league. They have dominated the West and now have guaranteed the second spot in the AFC overall.  

The number two seed assures that the Chargers will host some playoff games and the Colts are the only team that will hold the advantage over them in the playoff seeds. With other decent AFC teams in the mix it is quite feasible that the Colts could get upset and that would leave the Bolts with home turf throughout the playoffs.  

Phillip Rivers is finally coming of age and the Bolts look like they made a decent choice in keeping him. In the past he was a hot head who would cost the Chargers the game by forcing plays. Now he has matured and takes a smart approach to the game and has gained respect from his teammates.  

LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles are one of the best running back tandems in the league. They offset each other really well and don’t miss a beat when replacing one another. They pick up blitzes and play a big role in the passing scheme turning screens into big gainers.  

Why the Chargers will not win the Superbowl:  

Norv Turner could be one reason the Bolts don’t make it to the big game. He has a history of making all the wrong calls in the playoffs and getting an early exit. This year it seems like he has one of his best teams ever and if they were to lose and get an early exit out of the playoffs it could be his last year in San Diego.  

The AFC West is not actually a proving ground for the playoff run. The west is easiest the weakest of all of the divisions and the Broncos are the only surprise. Four games against the Raiders and the Chiefs would pad anyone’s schedule and make them look better than they are.  

For as decent as the rushing attack is for the Bolts it just seems that way. On paper they are not very good at all. In fact for rushing yards per game the Chargers are 29th in the league! Only three other teams in the league are worse than they are at getting the ground game moving. 

Phillip Rivers is a very talented quarterback but he is also a ticking time bomb. With the way the ground game is going this year (see numbers above) this playoff run if there is any will be led by him. He tries to showboat and force too many passes that better defenses in the league will take advantage of and feast on in the NFL.

Current Odds from Diamond Sportsbook for the San Diego Chargers in the Playoffs 

Odds to win the AFC: +225

Odds to win the Superbowl: +400 

Prediction: The Chargers will not win the Superbowl or the AFC. 

The Chargers are a very good team and the first round bye, the second seed and the home field advantage will help them out but don’t be shocked if this team has a first round exit in the NFL playoffs. 

Norv Turner collapses as a coach under pressure and could be the worst coach in the playoffs. He will be out coached regardless of who the Bolts face in the first round. This will equate to an early exit and maybe the end of his tenure in the NFL.  

At 4-1 the odds are quite tempting for the Bolts to win it all but there are just too many obstacles going against them for this game. They don’t run well and with a one dimensional offense defenses will be able to focus on and frustrate Phillip Rivers and force him into easy mistakes that will cost this team in the long run, save your money and don’t take a future bet on the bolts.

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