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NFL Team PReview and Predictions Page

2010 NFL Dark Horses - Every year there seems to be a team out of nowhere that surprises everyone by having a great year. This article breaks down several teams that have a chance of surprising the experts this year and going far. Last year I highlighted the Cincinnati Bengals and they went on to win the division and go to the playoffs. Another perfect example of this is how the Jets played last year. So who are the surprise teams this year in the NFL?

Odds to win the Superbowl - The NFL football season is only a couple months away!The Draft, free agency are all finished, teams are set and camps are set to open. With the Saints 31-17 victory over the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, the New Orleans Saints became the 2009 NFL Superbowl champions. The Saints return almost all there key starters but believe it or not, the oddsmakers have not set them as the favorites to win Superbowl XLV. We

2010 Superbowl Prediction -he NFL season is just a few months from training camp but it is never too early to look at some of the teams that have a chance of winning it all. There are several teams that have a chance of winning it all. This will cover some of the teams that have a shot to win it, the odds, and the prediction to win the Lombardi trophy in 2011.


NFL Team by Team Previews For the 2010 NFL Season
AFC Conference
 Buffalo Bills
 Miami Dolphins
 New England Patriots
 New York Jets
 Baltimore Ravens
 Cincinnati Bengals
 Cleveland Browns
 Pittsburgh Steelers
 Houston Texans
 Indianapolis Colts
 Jacksonville Jaguars
 Tennessee Titans
 Denver Broncos
 Kansas City Chiefs
 Oakland Raiders
 San Diego Chargers
NFC Conference
 Dallas Cowboys
 New York Giants
 Philadelphia Eagles
 Washington Redskins
 Chicago Bears
 Detroit Lions
 Green Bay Packers
 Minnesota Vikings
 Atlanta Falcons
 Carolina Panthers
 New Orleans Saints
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 Arizona Cardinals
 San Francisco 49ers
 Seattle Seahawks
 St. Louis Rams