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2010 NFL Dark Horses

Every year there seems to be a team out of nowhere that surprises everyone by having a great year. This article breaks down several teams that have a chance of surprising the experts this year and going far. Last year I highlighted the Cincinnati Bengals and they went on to win the division and go to the playoffs. Another perfect example of this is how the Jets played last year. So who are the surprise teams this year in the NFL? Let’s get started.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers main problem last year was at quarterback and they solved that problem by releasing veteran Jake Delhomme and handing the team over to Matt Moore. They could always run the ball well and this will be enough to keep them in any ballgame. They have a defense that got better and was ranked 8th in total defense this year. Look for a big year from the Carolina Panthers.

Detroit Lions: Surprised? You shouldn’t be after all the Lions have been steadily improving every year and this year should be one of their best. They helped out their last place defensive ranking by selecting Ndamukong Suh with their first pick in the draft and he will have an impact in week one. Matthew Stafford has a year under his belt and drafting Jahvid Best will give them an explosive running back out of the backfield. They won’t win the Super bowl but a trip to the playoffs may be in the cards for the Lions.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins play in the toughest division in football and in the off-season they did their usual juggling of free agents, but this time they did it right. Daniel Snyder brought in Mike Shanahan and finally grabbed a coach that will make the players work and hold them accountable. By trading for Donovan McNabb the Redskins finally got a quarterback that has talent and is a leader on the field. Washington has what it takes to win the East and surprise the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs: After high expectations last year the Chiefs finished at just 4-12. This team had problems on both sides of the ball but got plenty of help when they drafted SS Eric Berry and then helped the offense but grabbing Dexter McCluster. With a great home field advantage and a weak division the Chiefs have a chance to win it this year.

These are my four dark horse picks for the 2010 NFL Football season. It is going to happen, every year a team comes out of nowhere to surprise since the league is so well balanced. This year there are plenty of teams that have a chance of doing what the jets did last year, but the question remains, what team will it be?