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2009 Superbowl Prediction

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    Welcome to the 2009 NFL Preseason superbowl prediction by BTB! Be sure and checkout our Superbowl Prediction page for our team by team breakdows, odds and ats info!

    AFC: Six teams will make the playoffs and will fight their way to the conference championship game to see who can play in the big game. In the East the Patriots will win the division after missing the playoffs last year with the return of a healthy Tom Brady. The North will be won by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a close race as they deal with all of the distractions surrounding Ben Roethlisberger. Out west the Kansas City Chiefs will win in a battle of terrible teams. In the South the Indianapolis Colts will win the division returning off a one year absence. With the division winners set it is now time to turn to the wildcard and two teams will surprise this year. Buffalo will win one wild card as Terrell Owens ignites the fan base and brings this franchise back to the playoffs. The other wild card will go to the Cincinnati Bengals with the return of a healthy Carson Palmer. These teams will make for an exciting playoff run but when the dust is settled another classic duel between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts will decide what team goes to the big game. Peyton Manning and the Colts upset the Patriots and make it to the Superbowl again! 

    NFC: In the NFC the race to make the playoffs will go down to the wire. The Eagles will win the east and they will be closely followed by the New York Giants who will steal a wild card. The Chicago Bears will win the North and the Atlanta Falcons will win the South. The Seattle Seahawks will win the west and the last and remaining wild card will go the Minnesota Vikings barley beating out the Carolina Panthers. The NFC will present some smash mouth hard fought football going into the NFC championship game. In the championship game look for the Philadelphia Eagles to take on the Seattle Seahawks who pull off a few upsets along the way. The Eagles will squeak by the Seahawks in the battle for the birds and will meet the Colts for the big game in Miami. 

    Superbowl XLIV: In the big game the headlines will be the quarterback battle with Peyton Manning and Donavan Mcnabb taking center stage, but the defense and the running game will steal the show. Donovan Mcnabb and the Eagles finally got the proverbial monkey off their back and win a ring. The 2009-2010 NFL Champions are the Philadelphia Eagles!