How To Bet a Trifecta

This is the second part of seven articles that will cover the essentials to betting on horses.  Wagering on horses is one of the most exciting betting opportunities available in the gambling world today.  Every where you look offshore they are starting racebooks that give the bettor the option to wager on horses at nearly any track at any time around the globe.  To take advantage of this new phenomenon Bang the has established a series of articles that will chronicle the basics of betting on horses all the way up to the most complicated of wagers.  In part two of this series we look at how to bet the Trifecta.  Before learning how to bet a Trifecta it is important to know what it is and to define some racing terms that are involved with the Trifecta.

The Trifecta is also known as the triple bet and in the most simplest terms this is when the horse bettor picks the finish of the first, second, and third place finishes of the race.  This is one of the most popular wagers to make at the horse track and one of the reasons for its popularity is the payouts that can derive from the wager.  Historically the payouts for this type of wager and in the past they have registered over $100,000 for just a two dollar bet.  The lure of the big money will always tempt the horse bettor to place a bet on a trifecta ticket.  The trifecta can be bet in more ways than one and in order to understand the bet a bettor has to weigh the options before placing it.

The three types of trifecta wagers are the straight trifecta bet, boxed trifecta bet or in a wheel trifecta bet. 

A straight trifecta bet is exactly what it sounds like.  The bettor picks three horses to finish first, second, and third and exactly in that order.  The problem with the straight trifecta wager is fairly obvious, it is the hardest to hit but at the same time will have the best payouts.

The second type of wager that can be used with the trifecta is the boxed trifecta. When you box a trifecta you still select three horses but the boxed bet covers all types of finishes when it comes to order.  So for example if the bettor wants to trifecta box horses 1,2,3.  Then the box would cover all six possibilities of order of finish. 1,2,3—2,3,1—3,2,1—1,3,2—2,1,3—3,1,2. Because this is essentially six wagers instead of just two dollars for the ticket, the bettor will cover six wagers with one ticket have to pay $12 for the ticket.  The price is higher but the odds are better to get the winner of the trifecta ticket.  In a box you can add more than three horses but keep in mind the price goes up on the ticket because you are covering more options of possible finishes.  Therefore the more you bet the better chances you have of winning but the more you will spend at a ticket window.

The third type of sports pick is the trifecta wheel bet. The Trifecta Wheel bet will focus on one horse and add others to it.  Using the example of above let’s say you like the 1 horse and are assured that he will finish first.  You feel that the 2 and 3 horse will finish second and third but you are not positive on the order.  This is where the wheel comes in.  For this type of wager the 1 horse would have to win but the 2 and the 3 horse could come in either second or third.  This type of wager is not as expensive as a boxed wager and will only cost four dollars, however the 1 horse would have to win.  This type of bet is best used when the bettor is confident about the horse that will finish first.  If that horse fails to finish first the ticket is a loser and there is no room for error. 

Part two of the series covered the trifecta bet.  This covered the types of trifecta’s that can be used and the way that they are placed to include the cost of the ticket.  The trifecta is one of the most popular bets and has some of the highest payouts! even offers virtual racing and this would be a good place to go and practice wagering using the trifecta. Now that you are familiar with Trifecta betting the next part of the series will cover the most popular bet in horse racing. The Exacta bet.

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