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How to bet the Pick 3, Win 4, and Pick 6

This is the seventh part of seven articles that will cover the essentials to betting on horses.  Wagering on horses is one of the most exciting betting opportunities available in the gambling world today.  Every where you look offshore they are starting racebooks that give the bettor the option to wager on horses at nearly any track at any time around the globe.  To take advantage of this new phenomenon Bang the has established a series of articles that will chronicle the basics of betting on horses all the way up to the most complicated of wagers.  In part seven, the final edition of this series we look at how to bet the Pick 3, Win 4, and Pick 6. 

These wagers have been grouped together for the last installment of the series.  They are all very interesting ways to place a wager at the race track but to fully understand them they need to be looked at separately starting with the Pick 3. 

The Pick 3 is a popular wager placed at race tracks around the world and very similar to the daily double. To win the Pick 3 the bettor must pick the winners of three consecutive races stretching it out one further than the Daily Double.  This could be the first three races, the last three races or races run throughout the day with the rolling Pick 3 option.  The Pick 3 is an excellent value bet for more than one reason.

The Pick 3 is a value bet because it can be used in a variety of ways. The pick 3 can be wheeled using the key horse that has to win the first race and using other horses with the potential to win the other two races. Studies have shown that picking the three winners of different races has better odds than other exotic wagers in the same race.  The pick 3 is closely related to the Daily Double but actually may be closer related to the next type of wager, the Win 4.

The win four is simply taking the Pick 3 a step farther and attempting to correctly select the winner of four consecutive races.  Where the Win four takes a different approach is the payout.  The payouts are extraordinary for the Win 4.  There are often times when payouts for the Win 4 can be in the tens of thousands.  Like the pick 3 the Win 4 can be placed with a minimum of a dollar and it can be wheeled for the best chance at winning. The win four has gained popularity over the years and if interested in this method of wagering on horses there are plenty of theories that offer the player better chances of winning once they learn how to be a better handicapper.  That leads us to the final type of wager in this series the Pick 6.  As you may have already guessed the Pick 6 is correctly selecting the winners in six consecutive races.  If you think this seems like a daunting task than you are correct. Picking six winners in a row is extremely difficult but the payout is worth it. It is quite common to have the payout be in the six figure range.  The winner of the pick 6 does not even have to win all six races.  If no one correctly selects the winner of all six races, a percentage of the winnings will go to the bettor that correctly selected the winner of five out of the six races.  If no one selected the winner of five out of six races than the money will be carried over into a pool for the next day and this is often how the big prize pools happen.  When playing the pick 6 the risk is often worth the reward but the bettor will risk some substantial money.  If the bettor wants to wheel 3 horses for each 6 races the price tag can be over seven hundred dollars! There are smaller and less expensive way to bet the Pick 6 but it lowers the odds of winning and so research has to be done.

This article covered three types of wagers that are all different in their own right but still have the same basics for betting on horses.  The key is to get familiar with the types of wagers offered in this article and in the entire series and see what one works best for you.  Then visit Bang the and see the top five online race books and reviews for them so you can select the best racebook that will fit all of your needs! After getting a great racebook and a handle for how to wager it won’t be long before you are celebrating in the winner’s circle!

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