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  • MLB Picks & Consensus Betting

    MLB Consensus

    When betting on sports in general the consensus has become one of the most powerful tools in the gambling industry. The stats are kept to show where the public is betting and the savvy handicapper will always fade or go against the public. However the mlb consensus picks can be very different when applying it to Major league Baseball as opposed to other sports.

  • MLB Handicapping: Starting Pitchers

    Handicapping Starting Pitchers

    Betting on baseball is never easy, but if the handicapper can find the right set of tools to approach the game, the end result can be very profitable. The long days of summer without football can leave a sports bettor yearning for action and that is where Major League Baseball comes into play. With a long season and the ability to turn a profit, baseball is sport that deserves notice as bettors look for action. One of the main things that the handicapper needs to consider when betting on baseball is the starting pitcher.