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College Football Betting

Football fans all over the world get excited this time of year as they know this is a great time to be a fan of college football. The draw is not only to watch your favorite team and cheer them on but to win a few bucks while you’re doing it. This article is made for those that have never wagered on a game before but would like to learn the basics of betting on college football.

From a general standpoint if you have ever bet football whether it be pro or college it is the same thing. That is from a basic standpoint. If you have never bet on a football game and you want to here are a few things you need to know.

The spread: Football is wagered on by using a point spread. The point spread is either added or subtracted to the final score and after that is complete then you will be determined a winner or not. For example if you bet on USC -23 then they have to win the game by 24 points or more for you to win your wager. This is the very basic fundamental of betting on football and this has to be completely understood before you can understand other wagers in any sport.

When it comes to college football betting the spread is the most basic of the betting gambit. The team that is a favorite is always giving points like USC in the example above. In that example USC would be the favorite. Any team that gets points in a game or is “plus” points is the underdog. For example if Ohio St. is +3 against Michigan, then they are the underdog. In the example provided above if you were to wager on Ohio St. +3 then they would not be able to lose the game by any more than two points for you to cash in on this wager. As an underdog if they win the game outright you are an automatic winner.

When you learn the basics as stated above it is time now to select a sportsbook. Visiting sports sites to select a sportsbook may seem like a very daunting task, but it’s rather easy. Visit review sites and sports gambling forums like BangTheBook for a list of safe sportsbooks that pay out on time, every time. When looking to get a sportsbook to bet college football with make sure they have everything that you want when betting college football. When betting on college football the earlier the lines are posted the better since you can begin your research early in the week and prepare for the week ahead. That may be something you want to add to your list when choosing a sportsbook.

These are just the basic fundamentals of wagering on college football. Your best bet maybe to go to a betting forum like bangthebook.com and start interacting with experienced bettors and asking questions. Most experienced bettors or more than happy to share their expertise and knowledge with you that will put you on the right path to making money this college football season.

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