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2009 College Football Betting Articles Archive

A list of NCAA College Football Betting Articles from 2009 to see the latest articles visit Football Betting Articles here

2009 BCS Championship Bowl Pick - After a very long season it all comes down to this one game for the National Championship. The arguments are over with and it is time to settle it on the field. The #1 team in the country and the SEC Champion will face off against the #2 team in the country and the Big 12 Champion. A breakdown of these teams will help to decide who will be the National Champion! 

2009 Papa Johns Bowl - The Papa John’s.com Bowl is not the most glamorous bowl game that you will see this year but they managed to get some quality teams this year to play in this game. The SEC and the Big East will have two solid representatives in this contest this year.

2009 GMAC Bowl - The GMAC bowl may not have two teams that you recognize but this does not mean that this won’t be a great game to watch. Central Michigan is actually ranked #25 in the country in some polls and they finished 11-2 on the year. Dan LeFevour fired 27 TD’s and through for over 3,000 yards along the way and enter this game on a four game winning streak. 

2009 Sugar Bowl - The Sugar Bowl has two great teams heading to New Orleans this week and one thing can be counted on. The offenses are going to light up the scoreboard. These two teams have been able to put up points at will this year and have not concerned themselves with defense. 

2009 Orange Bowl Pick - The orange bowl brings two very surprising teams to the forefront this year. The Iowa Hawkeyes and the Georgia Tech Yellow jackets battle to see who will be named the Orange Bowl Champions. 

2009 Fiesta Bowl - The Fiesta Bowl game pits two teams against one another that are both fighting for respectability. The Boise St Broncos and the TCU Horned Frogs both finished the season unbeaten and the winner of this game could conceivably argue that they deserve a piece of the national Championship. 

2009 Rose Bowl - Finally it’s time for the Grand Daddy of them all, the Rose Bowl! Every year the Big Ten Champion and the Pac-10 Champion meet in the Rose Bowl to duke it out to own the title of the Rose Bowl Champion! This year is one of the better bowl games of the year as the Ducks face off against Oregon

2009 Gator Bowl Pick- When the Gator bowl kicks off this year it will be a very special bowl for the coach of the Florida St Seminoles. Bobby Bowden will coach his last game as a member of the Florida St. Seminoles and ironically he will face the team where it all started when they take the field, West Virginia.

2009 Capital One Bowl- The big teams and the big matchup begin on the first of January and this is a big one as the LSU Tigers square off against the Nittany Lions of Penn St.These teams had identical seasons as both hoped for god things but just ended up losing to the elite of the conference.

2009 Outback Bowl - New Year’s Day is upon us and this always marks the day when some really big bowl games start with big conferences and big teams facing off against one another for bragging rights and a bowl win.

2009 Cotton Bowl - The Cotton Bowl has put together two exciting teams for one of the most famous bowls on the slate. The Oklahoma St. Cowboys take on the Ole Miss Rebels to see who will emerge the winner of the Cotton Bowl. 

2009 Chick Fil A Bowl - The Tennessee Volunteers may have a bright future ahead of them with Lane Kiffin at the helm but it was a rough start. The Volunteers have talked the talk but have yet to really walk the walk as the season has been full of stories off the field that has hurt the team.

2009 Liberty Bowl - The Liberty brings in a team from the SEC and Conference USA and this should be good for both of these teams as the locals can travel to this game and provide great support. Not only that but these teams should put on a good show for all to see. 

2009 Sun Bowl - Oklahoma was looking forward to a great football campaign in 2009 but it went south early as they lost quarterback Sam Bradford due to injuries and lost plenty of games along the way. BYU knocked out Bradford and it seemed like the Sooners spent the rest of the year looking for their identity. 

2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl - When Pittsburgh was up 21 points against Cincinnati in the game last week that would decide the Big East Championship they have envisioned a much bigger bowl game then the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Then the defense collapsed and the Bearcats won the Big East crown and are playing Florida in a BCS Bowl game. The Panthers will have to settle for a trip to Charlotte where they will take on the North Carolina Tar Heels.  

2009 Holiday Bowl - The holiday bowl should be a joy to watch as the upstart Arizona Wildcats will take the field against the Nebraska cornhuskers. For Arizona Stoops has lead them to a very good year and if not for a close loss to the Ducks they would have been BCS bowl bound as winners of the Pac-10. They rebounded quite nicely after that loss and managed to upset USC on the road and get an invite to the holiday bowl.  

2009 Las Vegas Bowl- This sets up as potentially one of the better bowl games in the early going of bowl season. The Cougars of BYU take on the Beavers of Oregon St and there should be no shortage of scoring as both offenses showcase some great talent. In fact when rated by ESPN this game was rated higher than the Orange Bowl as far as entertainment is concerned.

2009 Music City Bowl - Clemson was one of the best teams in the ACC this year and they had one of the most explosive players in the game in CJ Spiller a Heisman hopeful that can take it for six every time he touches the ball.

2009 Armed Forces Bowl - Houston is off a very good year and they had the usual offensive explosion. They head up against the Air Force in this bowl and when a team plays a service academy it is never easy. The disciplined style of football will begin to wear on even the best teams in the country. 

2009 Alamo Bowl - The Alamo Bowl will be the night cap on the 4thof January and the last bowl game of the night should provide plenty of fireworks. The explosive offense of the Red Raiders of Texas Tech will match up against the Spartans of Michigan St.

2009 Texas Bowl- Missouri finished a lack luster season with just seven wins on the season and part of that was being inconsistent combined with the ability to lose games at home where they finished just 3-3. They better be on top of their game when they face the Navy midshipmen.

2009 Eagle Bank Bowl - This game took awhile to materialize because we had to wait for the winner of the Army/Navy game. If Army would have won then they would have played in this owl game.

2009 Insight Bowl - This game looks like a yawner on paper as both teams come into this game with a record of 6-6 and neither team has impressed this year on the field. Thanks to a crazy amount of bowl games there will always be room for two .500 teams trying to get that one last win and a bowl victory. 

2009 Champs Sports Bowl - This bowl game has two good football teams that had high hopes when the season started but have fallen on tough times since. Wisconsin is a Big ten powerhouse but could not keep up with Ohio St and Penn St and even got passed by the surprising Hawkeyes.

2009 Independence Bowl - Texas A&M gets the invite to the Independence Bowl although they just finished the season at 6-6. They had a very tough season and were just 1-3 on the road. The only game they played well this year seemed to be against Texas on national television.

2009 LITTLE CAESAR'S PIZZA BOWL - The one thing that stands out about this bowl game is its name. Wow the pizza bowl? They seem to be getting more and more interesting every year but let’s focus on the game. In this game Ohio takes on Marshall to see who the winner of the prestigious pizza bowl will be.

2009 Hawaii Bowl - SMU and Nevada will face off in the Hawaii bowl and although the storyline should be about a great matchup and a solid year had by both programs it will inevitably come back to the return of June Jones to the islands.

2009 Poinsettia Bowl - In this bowl game two teams that started off the year at different points now facing another crossroad to the season. Utah started the season off slow but ended the season playing very well and is even ranked in the low 20’s in most polls. California had high hopes to start the season and then went into a tailspin

2009 Las Vegas Bowl - This sets up as potentially one of the better bowl games in the early going of bowl season. The Cougars of BYU take on the Beavers of Oregon St and there should be no shortage of scoring as both offenses showcase some great talent. In fact when rated by ESPN this game was rated higher than the Orange Bowl as far as entertainment is concerned.

2009 St. Petersburg Bowl - The second bowl game of the season will put the Central Florida Golden Knights up against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers in a medieval matchup

2009 New Orleans Bowl - Middle Tennessee St faces off against Southern Mississippi in the New Orleans bowl and this is one of those bowl games that if you’re going to bet on you have to do your research. Plenty of sports bettors lean to the teams that they have seen play in the regular season or from the stronger conference.

  2009 Humanitarian Bowl- Sometimes it is the lesser known bowl games that provide the most value and the Humanitarian Bowl is one of these games. Outside the home states not many people will get excited for this game because both college football teams are not household names.   A battle of two 7-5 teams is not something to get too excited about but these teams can play some football. Idaho has a fantastic offense and they get the luck of playing pretty much a home game as they just play down the road.

2009 New Mexico Bowl Pick - The first game of the bowl schedule will put Fresno St up against the Cowboys from Wyoming. Fresno St will be making its second trip to the New Mexico bowl in as many years and the first game should be a good one. 

2009 Heisman Trophy Odds- The college football season is almost upon us and that means another race for the Heisman trophy.  The Heisman is the most prestigious award that is given for the best player in college football.  The Heisman is awarded every year at the Downtown Athletic Club and the previous recipients are some of the best players to ever play the game. 

2009 SEC Football Conference Preview
The Southeastern Conference is always one of the best conferences in the country.  The high profile exposure and scouting leads to some superb new talent every year.  Most SEC teams can lose players to the NFL draft and still be a force the next year with all the new recruits that come to campus.

2009 PAC10 Football Conference Preview
USC has been a powerhouse in the PAC 10 for many years.  Now other teams are showing they can compete with USC and the other elite teams in the country.  Do not overlook the PAC 10 this year.  The preview will list the teams in predicted order of finish in the Pac 10.

2009 Big Ten Football Preview
It never fails, every year the Big Ten plays a role in the national title.  Since they don’t have a championship game and two weeks off at the end of the year there is always controversy if one team from the Big ten plays for the National Championship.  This year they are loaded with talent and ready to put their mark on the 2009 football season!

2009 Big East Football Preview
The Big East has always been overshadowed by other conferences in the country.  This year they have several teams that are ready to make the league take notice of the Big East. The preview will list the teams in predicted order of finish in the Big East.

2009 Mountain West Conference Preview
Last year the Mountain West jumped on the scene with three teams with 10 or more wins.  Utah went undefeated and shocked the world, beating Alabama in a bowl game and making a case for a share of the title.  This year the Mountain West Conference will be looking to make even greater strides.

2009 ACC Football Preview
The ACC has is now near the top of the list when it comes to winning conferences.  They are still behind the Big 12 and the SEC but ever year they put together a winning effort.  This year the ACC will be out to prove they are just as good as any other conference in the country.

2009 Big 12 Football Preview
The Big 12 rose to be the best conference in the country last year passing up the SEC.  The North division pales in comparison to the South division but as a whole the Big 12 is the tops.  With returning superstars and great rivalries it looks like it is going to be another great year for fans of the Big 12.

2009 Conference USA Preview
Conference USA put themselves firmly in the middle of the college football scene with some great seasons by several teams.  East Carolina shocked teams out the gate and the high power offense of Tulsa led them to 11 wins.  This year they look to take it to the next level and be heard from in the BCS!

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