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2008 College Football Betting Articles Archive

A list of NCAA College Football Betting Articles from 2008 to see the latest articles visit Football Betting Articles here

2008 ACC Coastal Division Preview - The ACC is one of the greater conferences in the country and the ACC Coastal division has the overall ACC Champion in the Virginia Tech Hokies. Can they repeat? Maybe, but they will have five other teams in the coastal looking to knock them off the block. Virginia, Miami, and even North Carolina look to take over this year as the latest team to rule the roost.

2008 Big Twelve South Preview - The Big 12 has always lived in the shadow of the SEC when it came to being the best conference in college football. They are ready to prove the world wrong this year. The powerhouses have re-loaded and have their eye on the BCS championship with some of the tough teams in the country in Texas and Oklahoma. Don’t sleep on the rest of the conference either as the Big 12 will prove this is the year they should be considered one of the elite conferences in the country.

2008 Big 12 North Preview - The Big Twelve North is out to prove they can play with the conference rivals from the south. Which once was a conference dominated by the southern teams things have begun to change. Kansas and Missouri lead a talented North that is making other people take notice outside the Big Twelve.

2008 Big Ten Preview- The Big Ten has sent a representative to the championship game plenty of times in recently but the end result has never been a good . They have been under scrutiny for a cupcake schedule and getting a shot at the big game, but this year they boast one of the deepest conference’s in the country.

2008 ACC Atlantic Division Preview - The ACC has quickly become one of the powerhouse conferences in the south east just trailing the best conference in the SEC. The Atlantic division of the ACC always puts forth some of the best teams in college football and it will only get better this year with the likes of Wake Forest, Clemson, and others. The hardest part is getting through the season in conference with the talent the ACC has. Locked and loaded this will prove to be another great year in ACC football.

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