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2008 Final Four : After some great basketball it has all come down to the final four this weekend in San Antonio. The tournament up to this point has been full of upsets, great basketball and the emergence of new stars in college basketball. When the dust settled it was all of the number one seeds making history and advancing to the final four. This is a new era of college basketball with no seniors on the All-American team and the best teams going all the way to the final four. It will make for some great basketball. Now on to the teams that represent and the pick to win it all.

Sweet 16 Coverage Part 1 : March madness is in full swing and as usual it has not disappointed! The first full weekend has come and gone and it was full of drama, great individual play, upsets and buzzer beaters that will go down in history. All of that has led up to a great stage for the sweet sixteen for this weekend.

Sweet 16 Coverage Part 2 : In the second part of this series we turn to the underdogs that can make a difference in this round. Teams that advance this far often despise the tag of Cinderella team because they believe in themselves and know that they can advance further and shock the world!

2008 March Madness East Bracket: Let’s start in the East where North Carolina rules the roost and was given the number one seed for winning the ACC, but closely behind in the number 2 spot is Tennessee and they will provide some solid talent at the bottom of the bracket. Overall it is easy to see that the East is the deepest bracket with the most talent and should provide some of the best basketball in the entire tournament. The winner of the east will have the edge to go to the championship and could easily win it all. Read more..

2008 March Madness South Bracket : The south is most likely one of the weakest brackets in the tournament but that does not mean they don’t have talent just that they are not as solid all around as other brackets. Memphis leads the way and gets the #1 seed in the south but many schools and experts feel that they are unproven, played a weak conference and lost the only big game that they played. Texas is by far the only other team that has the ability to do some damage and the rest of the field is inconsistent all year along although some of them have shown flashes of brilliance over the last few weeks, namely Pittsburgh in winning the Big east over some tough opposition. Read more..

2008 March Madness Midwest Bracket: The Midwest is tough and rugged and full with some super talent led by Kansas that led the Big 12 and they were awarded with the number one seed. The players in this tournament will provide for some good basketball and some good match ups. Look at OJ Mayo of USC going up against Michael Beasley in the first round. That alone will be worth the great watch of two super stars that will be in the NBA as early as next year. This bracket will boast the Big Ten conference champion and the Big east regular season Champion in Wisconsin and Georgetown. Read more..

2008 March Madness West Bracket : The West will be won by some great college basketball teams that have a history of succeeding in this tournament over the years. UCLA garnished the #1 seed and they will be able to control their own destiny when it comes to going to the final four but it won’t be without some serious opposition. This starts with the second seed Duke, led by coach K and a history of making things tough on opponents when attempting to get the crown and win a national championship. It doesn’t stop there surprising Xavier and always challenging Uconn Huskies will also provide some tough going for the other teams in the west. Read more..

2008 March Madness And so it begins on Selection Sunday. Many college basketball teams stood anxiously by awaiting the final announcement of the field of 65 that would be playing for the national title starting next week in what is one of the best events in the sporting world. Once the teams were announced, brackets were feverishly being filled out and office pools were underway.

2008 ACC Conference Championship - Tomorrow one of the best tournaments in college basketball will get underway as the ACC starts the conference tournament with the automatic tournament bid up for grabs. Most teams are so talented in the ACC they don’t even need it as this is one of the deepest conferences in the country and always provides some exciting basketball.

2008 Big East Conference Championship - When it comes to conference tournament basketball it does not get much better than the Big East. Every game is televised and they play on one of the biggest stages in basketball history and that is the court at Madison square garden. The field is also one of the most competitive in the basketball country and every game seems to be a dog fight and this year should be no different as the lower teams try to fight to get into the big dance while the favorites look to avoid the early upset.

2008 Conference USA Championship - On Wednesday the Conference USA conference tournament will get under way. Conference USA has flown under the radar for most of the year when you look at some of the teams that this conference can brag about. Everyone knows about Memphis and everything they have done this year with the bog loss to Tennessee and the constant high rankings in the polls but do you know any other teams that can impress in conference USA? You should. UAB leads the way with Tubby Smith at the helm and Houston and University of Central Florida are teams that can sneak up and bite someone in this crowded field.

2008 Atlantic 10 Conference Championship - This is a fare warning for everyone in the country; do not look past the teams in the Atlantic 10. The Atlantic 10 has had some great runs in the past but for the post part they have been somewhere between a mid-major conference and a major conference. This year the A-10 although not solid from top to bottom has what it takes with a few select teams to make some noise in the big dance and other teams should start paying attention right now during the conference tournament because they will be assured to see it late in March when one of these teams are making a run!

2008 Big Ten Conference Championship - The Big Ten has plenty of teams to put together what should be an outstanding tournament heading into the big dance. Wisconsin made sure they were not going to share the title when they won the championship outright. With the championship on deck what are the teams to be favored to win it all and what teams may be the dark horses that surprise and make a run at the title and the big dance.

March Madness Preparation Guide - These series of articles will allow the sports bettor to prepare themselves for the upcoming March Madness season. It is always best for the sports bettor to prepare for March Madness weeks and even months before the season tips. The first article starts with preparing for the big dance by handicapping the conference tournaments.

2007 Big East Preview - The Big East is our next stop on reviews as we head north to review one of the best in the country. The Big East has been a staple in college basketball when it comes to churning out championships. This year the preseason polls show respect to the Big East by gracing them with four teams in the top 25 and two in the top ten. The Big East is so big and popular that will televise every game this year. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 ACC Preview - For the first conference in this series we start with one of the best in the Atlantic Coast Conference and the ACC. Overall the ACC will boast another strong conference with four teams featured in the pre-season polls that have hit the street. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 Big Ten Preview - For the second conference in this series we move on to the highly respected Big Ten Conference. The Big Ten has shown to be a consistent contender every year and sends plenty of teams to the Big Dance. The Big Ten is getting little respect with just two teams in many preseason polls and will look to prove the experts wrong. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 SEC Preview - For the third conference in this series we move on to the high powered SEC Conference. The SEC may be a bigger player in the country when it comes to football, but they have won the championship in back-to-back years. When it comes to certain preseason polls the SEC is over looked with just two teams in the top 25 and only one of those teams in the top ten. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 Big 12 Preview -For the fourth conference in this series we move on to the under estimated Big 12 Conference. The Big 12 never gets the hype afforded to the ACC or SEC but has proven in years past that they can run with big dogs in the country on any given night. When it comes to certain preseason polls Big 12 is getting the respect they deserve listing as many as four teams in the top 25. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 Pac 10 Preview - The Pac 10 has been over looked in the past but they have jumped to a new echelon when it comes to college basketball. UCLA went all the way to the final four and this year it has paid off in the preseason rankings. The Pac 10 has 3 teams in the top ten alone in the latest preseason top 25, but can they live up to the hype?. Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

2007 Conference USA Preview - Conference USA has never been considered a powerhouse when it comes to college basketball. There have always been one or two teams that have showed promise but that is usually the limitation. This year conference USA shows more than just promise they show plenty of teams that not only will make the NCAA tournament but can win the national title It all starts with Memphis that is as high as #2 in the preseason polls, but will other teams finally make some noise and surprise the league? Now we will break it down team by team with expectations on the upcoming season.

March Madness Betting - It’s insane to witness the degree that people are affected by the Big Dance, aka March Madness, aka the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. Every year 64 teams earn their way into the race to be number one. All teams are Division I contenders. The tournament is played throughout a three week period in March and April. The sixty-four teams represent four regions of the United States with sixteen teams each.

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