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NCAA College Basketball Power Rankings

At Bangthebook.com every week we will announce our own top ten in the NCAA Power Rankings. The Rankings reflect the play from the previous week as well as the standings as we progress towards March Madness 

Updated 3/16/10 Final Rankings for the year as we get ready for the madness

1. Kansas Jayhawks—the JayHawks have to be the favorite to cut down the nets in Indianapolis. They are best team in the tournament and have all the talent to win it all.  

2. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats won the SEC and had to pull off a close game against Mississippi St to do it. They finish in the 2 spot with the conference win but only time will tell how well they do in the big dance.  

3. Duke Blue Devils—Duke is getting no respect and some are even thinking that they should not have been a one seed. The truth of the matter is they are ACC Champs and will be a tough out in the Big Dance.   

4. 5. West Virginia—the biggest jump of the week belongs to the Mountaineers again. They are one of the hottest teams in the country and won the Big East. They were deserving of a #1 seed in the Big Dance. 

5. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange stumbled out of the regular season and then they feel flat in the first round of the tournament. With injuries and poor play of late it will be tough to see them advancing far if they don’t straighten things out.  

6. Ohio St. Buckeyes—the Buckeyes won the Big Ten Tournament in dominant fashion against Minnesota and get rewarded by being thrown into the toughest bracket in the tournament.  

7. Georgetown Hoyas—Georgetown jumped into the rankings with an impressive performance in the Big East tournament. They were seconds away from being the champions in the toughest conference in the country. 

8. Kansas St—the Cats lost are a very talented and deep basketball team. It seems as though the only team they cannot get by is Kansas. They may get another shot at them if they can cruise through their bracket.  

9. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds and the Wildcats have really struggled down the stretch and are close to falling out of the power rankings. I was stunned to see them pull a 2 seed.  

10. New Mexico—New Mexico has proven to be one of the best teams headed into March Madness. They deserve to be in the power rankings and a high seed in the Big Dance.


1. Kansas Jayhawks—the JayHawks got a very convincing win over Missouri although they really did not need it and it showed just how focused that Kansas is as they head into the tournament. 

2. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange dropped a game against Louisville in an emotionally charged atmosphere as it was the last game in Freedom Hall. They only drop one spot in the rankings because they had no reason to show up in this game.  

3. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats showed that they are the class of the SEC and they thumped the Gators. The Gators needed that win to show that they should be dancing but the Wildcats put it on them and never looked back. 

4. Duke Blue Devils—how sweet was it for Duke to trounce on their rivals as they blew the doors North Carolina. They need to carry over that kind of play to the ACC tournament to get a good seeding in the big dance.  

5. West Virginia—the biggest jump of the week belongs to the Mountaineers. They not only beat Villanova on the road but they came from way behind to do it. If they are hot from the 3 point line they can play with anyone in the country.  

6. Ohio St. Buckeyes—the Buckeyes blew the doors off of Illinois and are the elite of the Big ten. If they keep playing at this tempo they have the potential to go very deep in the brackets and grab some upsets along the way.  

7. Purdue Boilermakers—even with Robbie Hummel gone for the year Purdue is playing with plenty of heart. They are the tops in the Big Ten and are losing the respect in the polls. They gained in this one even though they just barley beat Penn St.  

8. New Mexico—New Mexico is finally starting to get noticed as they are creeping up into some polls. They hammered TCU and are a solid top spot in the Mountain West. It will be interesting to see how they respond come tournament time.  

9. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds could not lead his squad to an overtime victory against the Mountaineers. They lost a huge lead and left with a loss in a game they should have won. Now they need to respond with a good showing in the tournament to put that game behind them.    

10. Kansas St—the Cats lost to Kansas and you could hardly blame them since Kansas is one of the best teams in the country. Then they followed it up with a loss to Iowa St and that has to cost them in the rankings.  Losing on senior day has to hurt. 


1. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange responded after all the top ranked teams lost with a huge win over Villanova. With such a convincing win the pollsters had no choice but to make the Orange #1.  

2. Kansas Jayhawks—the JayHawks lost to Oklahoma St has the normally tough defense was beat up. They don’t wait long to redeem themselves by playing Kansas St. This should be another classic. 

3. Duke Blue Devils—no one seems to be paying any attention to the Blue Devils and Coach K and that seems just fine with this team. They have won eight straight and are steadily climbing up the rankings. 

4. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats finally lost after playing sloppy for more than a week. This team needs motivation to win games and they could get nipped again before the end of the regular season.  

5. Kansas St—the Cats are a lot like Duke. They are winning but getting little attention outside the Big 12. Now they travel to Allen Fieldhouse to play against rival Kansas. A win here puts them on the map and will make the college basketball world take notice.   

6. Ohio St. Buckeyes—the Buckeyes are a very good team and have put together a nice string of basketball games. Even Turner gets all the press as a potential player of the year but this team is more than one player and deep enough to scare some people in the Big Dance. 

7. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds led his team to Syracuse with high hopes and left with a beating. They are great at guard play but are still too soft inside to play with the big boys under the basket. This will come back to haunt them in the tournament.  

8. New Mexico—talk about a team that was getting no credit, it’s the Lobos. Finally with a huge win over BYU they got the spotlight they deserved a jumped to the top ten in the rankings. As long as they don’t have letdown they should stay here. 

9. West Virginia—while they struggled against the Huskies and almost blew a game to the Bearcats it was a dominating win against the Hoyas that proved they belong in the top ten. This team can make some noise come tournament time. 

10. Purdue Boilermakers—it is really a sad state of affairs for Purdue. They made a valiant come back to be one of the best in the Big ten and then managed to lose their best player to injury. With Robbie Hummel gone for the year Purdue will have to play with a lot of heart to make a run in the tournament.  


1. Kansas Jayhawks—the Jay Hawks destroyed Oklahoma and now are crowned the Big 12 Champions. As they long as they don’t get complacent they will be the favorite to win the entire tournament. 

2. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats survived a scare at Vanderbilt and that is a big step for this program. Cousins evaded foul trouble down the stretch and showed if he can keep his head in the game he is one of the best. 

3. Purdue Boilermakers—Purdue came from behind and is now the front runner to win the Big Ten. The win at Ohio St was impressive showing they can win the big games on the road and the follow up win against Illinois showed no hangover for this team. 

4. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange stumbled in a bad way against Louisville but they made up for it by taking down Georgetown on the road. They almost let it go so they need to address the second half defense but are on a path to a title.  

5. Duke Blue Devils: since getting tossed around at Georgetown, Coach K and the Blue Devils have been the toast of the ACC. They are beating teams and beating them badly as they head to tournament time looking strong. 

6. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds and Jay Wright are struggling and have lost two straight to Big East foes Pittsburgh and UConn. They will need to grab momentum back and finish strong down the stretch. 

7. Kansas St—the Cats have won five straight since losing in overtime to Kansas. They have to remain focused against Tech and Missouri before the big rematch with the number one team in the country.  

8. Ohio St. Buckeyes—the Buckeyes rebound after losing to Purdue and won a huge game at Michigan St. Evan Turner could be the best player in basketball but will need a strong finish to convince some folks.  

10. New Mexico—they have won eleven straight and its time for them to get some respect as they top the conference. The game against BYU on deck will be the one that decide it all.  


1. Kansas Jayhawks—The Jayhawks reclaim the top spot after falling out of it. Now with a big win over Texas they look as though they are poised to stay among the elite and high in the rankings for the rest of the year. 

2. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange are to the best start in school history and with a long and storied history it really makes a statement when it could be said that this is the best team to ever play at Syracuse. 

3. Kentucky Wildcats—John Calipari realizes that his team might be just as good as John Wall plays. The guard shows some frustrations and that gets in his game but when he shows up like he did against Ole Miss, the Cats are unstoppable.  

4. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds and the Cats lost to Georgetown but rebounded quite nicely in blowout fashion. The beat up on the Mountaineers in a hostile environment and will be a part of the top ten all year. 

5. West Virginia Mountaineers—the mountaineers came back against Louisville had a chance to really make some noise in the Big East but could not take down Villanova at home. They are still among the best in the Big East but its getting crowded at the top. 

6.  Georgetown Hoyas—the Hoyas had a very strong run with a win over Duke and Villanova. It’s nice to have the President as one of your fans, but the Big East is too tough to declare a champion right now. 

7. Michigan St. Spartans—Draymond Green is a force for the Spartans but losing veteran point guard Kalin Lucas make be the real killer for this team. A big game against Purdue could decide the Big Ten Championship early.  

8. Purdue Boilermakers— Purdue have a big game coming up against the Spartans and that is a must win for this club. They have too many losses in the Big Ten and can’t afford to lose anymore if they want a shot at the title. 

9. Duke Blue Devils—Coach K and his boys got ran over in the nation’s capitol in an embarrassing loss. They rebounded with a blowout win over Georgia Tech and a squeaker in BC to regain composure. 

10. Wisconsin Badgers— Wisconsin is proving to be a force in the Big Ten and a tough ticket at home. With wins over Michigan St, Purdue, and Ohio St they have proven to be a player come March.


1. Kansas Jayhawks—the Jayhawks grabbed the top spot again after Texas and Kentucky made short work of the top spot. Kansas win over Kansas St makes them the front runner for the Big 12 title.  

2. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds and Jay Wright have led Nova to its best start in school history. If you don’t believe this team is for real you are not paying attention. 

3. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats lost at South Carolina was a stunning upset as South Carolina is just not that good. Hopefully this loss will wake up some players on Kentucky as they make their way through the SEC.  

4. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange still keep winning with the same zone defense that has been around forever. The latest victim of the zone was Georgetown. They squeaked by DePaul but have to keep focused through a light stretch of the schedule. 

5. Michigan St—Tom Izzo has always had some good teams in Michigan St but this is the first time they have started the season with eight straight wins in conference. The difference is they are winning the close games. 

6. Texas Longhorns—the Longhorns lost the top spot and from there they went on to lose three of four games and head into a tail spin. A big win over Oklahoma St may have been enough to right the ship.  

7. West Virginia Mountaineers—the Mountaineers stumbled early but seem to have come back to their winning ways. They impressed with a win over Ohio St and now followed that up by coming from behind to beat Louisville.  

8. Duke Blue Devils—Duke dropped a tough game on the road to Georgetown but Coach K still has this team poised to make some noise in the ACC.  The next three games will tell a lot about this team as the face Georgia Tech, Boston College and their rivals North Carolina.

9. Purdue Boilermakers—Purdue too three straight losses in the Big ten to include and ugly game against Northwestern and that could knock them out of the running for the Big Ten title. An upcoming game against Michigan St will show if they are ready to play with the big boys. 

10. Kansas St.—the Wildcats played Kansas to the wire losing in overtime to the best team in the country and that showed they can play with anyone. Know they just have to prove they can play up to a lesser opponent especially on the road.  


1. Kentucky Wildcats—John Calipari has the #1 team in the country and they don’t look like they are slowing down. Talk of going undefeated should start to increase as they head through a soft stretch of games. 

2. Kansas Jayhawks—The Jayhawks loss against the Volunteers seem like a distant memory now and they are back on track. The drubbing of Missouri showed they are back and ready to take a shot at the top spot. 

3. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds is the floor leader for the Cats and they showed they are the best team in the most competitive conference in the country. They are beating up the competition in the Big East. 

4. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange is for real and they are winning the clutch games that they need to. The blowout of Georgetown was just another example of how good this team is.

5.  Michigan St.—Draymond Green and the Spartans get the nod in the five hole as the elite team in the Big Ten. They will need to play better to keep it as they squeaked out a win against Minnesota. They should get another test this week when they face Michigan.   

6. Texas Longhorns—they held the top spot in the polls but not for long. Two losses to Kansas St and the Huskies of UConn brought them back down to earth. They still have plenty of time and talent to regroup. 

7. Duke Blue Devils—Coach K answered all the critics with a big win over Clemson on the road. It is big road wins in the conference that will make a difference at the end of the year. 

8. West Virginia Mountaineers West Virginia is slowly starting its trek back to the top of the polls. A big home win over Ohio St was a statement game and now they have to keep it going to prove they belong at the top. 

9. Gonzaga Bulldogs —Harris led the Bulldogs with 22 points in a win over the weekend and the Zags break the top ten for the first time this year. This should really be no surprise to anyone as it was only a matter of time. This team is always in the running for a top spot. 

10. Georgetown Hoyas— the Hoyas have unfortunate luck of being in the Big East with so many other quality teams. They win over Pittsburgh was impressive but short lived after being trounced by Syracuse. 


1. Kentucky Wildcats—the Wildcats squeaked by Auburn and is still burning through the SEC, the loss by Texas knocks them to number one by default.  

2. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds is arguably one of the best players in the country and this is the best team in the best conference in college basketball. The win over G’town showed they are the team to beat. 

3. Kansas Jayhawks—the Jayhawks rebounded from the loss and woke up in time to beat Nebraska and then laid the wood against Texas Tech and they are back on the right track. 

4. Texas Longhorns—Texas lost a tough game in Manhattan and the crowd was as loud as any crowd in the country. They won’t have long to shake off the hangover as they have Connecticut next on the schedule.  

5. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange won two very close games in toppling West Virginia and punishing the Irish on the road. As long as they don’t slip up at home they will be in a fight for Villanova for the best team in the Big East. 

6. Duke Blue Devils—after a slow start the Blue Devils are blowing out the weaker opponents in the ACC. They have to be prepared for some tough road conference games coming up. 

7. Michigan St—Draymond Green is up for the best player in the country and has the Spartans rolling. After a test against Iowa they hit the road highlighted by a game at Michigan. 

8. West Virginia Mountaineers—there is no shame in losing to the Orange although they had a shot at a very big win. Now they must beat some soft teams to stay in the top ten.  

9. Pittsburgh Panthers—don’t sleep on the Panthers in the Big East. They are a great team on the road and already beaten some quality opponents on the road. This makes them a player in the Big East.  

10. Purdue Boilermakers—they are hanging in on the top ten rankings but the current slide could lead to a loss this week and straight out of the top ten. 


1. Texas Longhorns—Texas stays undefeated and made its first appearance ever as the #1 team in the country. This could b a good sign of things to come for the Texas basketball program. 

2. Kentucky Wildcats—John Calipari is getting the most out of this team and the bench is playing a significant role. The win in Florida showed the team can win in a hostile environment.  

3. Kansas Jayhawks—The Jayhawks had a tough loss and looked bad against Tennessee. Not all teams can stay undefeated so losing earlier in the season may turn out to be a blessing. 

4. Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds led the Cats to a big win in Louisville. Big wins like that in the toughest conference in basketball will make Villanova the toughest team in the country. 

5. Duke Blue Devils—Duke is always a force in college basketball. They may not have looked their best against Georgia Tech but they rebounded nicely to crush Boston College. 

6.  Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange has proven to be a top talent in the Big East. The true test for this squad will come this weekend when they head to West Virginia to take on the Mountaineers. 

7. Michigan St.—Draymond Green is a force for the Spartans and can punch his ticket to the NBA when he is done grabbing wins for Tom Izzo.  

8. Tennessee Volunteers—the Vols pulled off the big upset by taking care of Kansas at home. Bruce Pearl still has plenty of work to do to make Tennessee basketball a force but this win has the program excited.  

9. West Virginia Mountaineers—the mountaineers lost two out of three and Bob Huggins has to do some magic to pull his team out of the tail spin they are in. The game against Syracuse this weekend could be a launching point to an impressive winning streak. 

10. Purdue Boilermakers— how the mighty have fallen. The loss to Wisconsin on the road was tough enough but the loss at home to Ohio St after maintaining a big lead is unforgivable.  


1. Kansas Jayhawks—there is not another team that is better in the country. They are winning and its no contest every night as they have won most of their games by 30 points or more 

2. Kentucky Wildcats—this team is winning games and John Calipari has some real talent. Wonder how many wins they will have to give up when he leaves.  

3. Texas Longhorns—Texas has trouble showing up against bad teams but looked pretty posting over 90 against Arkansas.  

4. Purdue Boliermakers—this team is for real and it showed as they stomped West Virginia, but the real test is yet to come as they face Wisconsin up next in a Big Ten Battle. 

5. Duke Blue Devils—Duke was able to run through Clemson and if that is a sign of how they will play in the ACC, they could run away with it. 

6.  Villanova Wildcats—Scottie Reynolds is showing that he can hit the big shot in the clutch. This team is staying under the radar but will prove to be a force in March. 

7. West Virginia Mountaineers—the mountaineers rebounded quite nicely after getting crushed by Purdue on New Years Day. Now they have to focus on being perfect in the Big East.  

8. Syracuse Orangemen—the Orange are just another Big East team to make the top ten. They have to work on the inside game to help when the 3 pointers come up empty.  

9. Mississippi Rebels—the record is nice but the schedule as been less than impressive in the early going. They lost the only true tough road games and will be tested again with 4 out 5 on the road in the SEC. 

10. North Carolina Tar Heels—the loss to college of Charleston sure was a nasty blemish on the schedule. I feel really bad for Virginia Tech as they will be the next team to play the Tar Heels.  

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