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NCAA Tournament East Bracket Prediction

East Bracket  Bracket Preview and Prediction

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First Round: 

#1 Kentucky takes on #16 East Tennessee St.- this is a no brainer 16 seeds just don’t beat #1 seeds and it won’t happen here. Kentucky advances.  

#2 West Virginia takes on #15 Morgan St. - Morgan St is impressive but the mountaineers now have something to play for after missing out on a #1 seed although they were champs of the best conference in the country. West Virginia advances. 

#3 New Mexico takes on #14 Montana - New Mexico is one of those teams that have a chance to go far they have plenty of talent and depth to move ahead. New Mexico advances.  

#4 Wisconsin takes on #13 Wofford - Wofford will keep this closer than the experts think, and although I believe an upset is possible here. The badgers advance to the next round.  

#5 Temple takes on #12 Cornell - this is the best first round matchup in the entire bracket and both of these tams have the potential to make it to the sweet sixteen. I will pick Temple to advance based on the strength at guard play and the resume to this point. In a coin toss I stay with the higher seed. 

#6 Marquette takes on #11 Washington — Marquette has played with the bad boys of the Big east. Washington won the Pac-10 but this is the end of the road for this team. Marquette moves on to the next round. 

#7 Clemson takes on #10 Missouri - Clemson and Missouri are as even as two teams will get in the big dance. Laurence Bowers can make it happen after being upset in the Big 12 tournament this team has something to prove. Missouri gets the win. 

#8 Texas takes on #9 Wake Forest - this could be one of the hardest games to pick in the East bracket only because you don’t know which team will show up. Both teams have showed they can be unstoppable but have had bad losses. I will pick Texas because of coaching and inside play. Texas advances to play Kentucky. 

Second Round: 

#1 Kentucky takes on #8 Texas - this is where they difference between strong teams and inconsistent teams play a role. I am still not even sold that Texas will make it to this point.  Kentucky is a good tournament team and has great guard play that will get them a win here. Take Kentucky to advance. 

#4 Wisconsin takes on #5 Temple - Temple is much better than people give them credit for and Wisconsin has proven to be a bad tournament team, just look at how they played against Illinois. It may be a mild upset but the Owls beat the Badgers and move on to the next round. 

#2 West Virginia takes on #10 Missouri - this game could be against Clemson or Missouri but it won’t matter. West Virginia has a very big chip on their shoulder after getting the #1 snub and they will advance in this round.  

#3 New Mexico takes on #6 Marquette - Marquette has played a tougher schedule against the bad boys of the big east but do not underestimate the play of New Mexico. The problem is they were sent to the East and that edge will go to Marquette and make for a great game when they face West Virginia. 

The four teams that remain and will continue on to the sweet sixteen are: Kentucky, Temple, Marquette, and West Virginia.  This is just the beginning of what can be a great tournament; with upsets a plenty the East bracket seems to carve an easy path to the final four for the Wildcats of Kentucky.  The deciding factor will be what team shows up to play and who is the surprise team of the east.  

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