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2008 March Madness - Sweet Sixteen Picks

March madness is in full swing and as usual it has not disappointed! The first full weekend has come and gone and it was full of drama, great individual play, upsets and buzzer beaters that will go down in history. All of that has led up to a great stage for the sweet sixteen for this weekend. In a two part series these articles will cover the teams that have advanced and look at the favorites, the underdogs and some teams to watch. In part one the coverage will be focused on the teams that could win the entire thing. Here are the top three teams to make a big run through this weekend and head deep into the tournament.

North Carolina — it would be hard to prove that any team is playing better than the North Carolina Tar Heels. They have not only played as a cohesive unit but they have posted full blowouts in their victories on the way to the sweet sixteen. The number one seed carved their opponents and put up an amazing 100 points or greater in their victories and made the Arkansas Razorbacks look like chumps in a game that was not even close. With Tyler Hansbrough and the healthy return of Ty Lawson the Heels look poised to make it through the sweet sixteen round and challenge for the title.

UCLA Bruins — The Bruins have always been the favorite to go to the final four with the history that the team has had when it’s come to getting deep in the last couple of tournaments. That path may have gotten easier with some upsets in their bracket as they now have to face Western Kentucky in the sweet sixteen. No disrespect to the Hilltoppers but the Bruins have plenty of weapons led by Kevin Love. Many of the skeptics rejoiced when they saw the Bruins stumble and struggle against Texas A&M, but what they should really focus on is how the Bruins faced adversity and pressed on to get a close win. In the tournament there is a good chance that every team will face a hurdle along the way and the Bruins proved they can rise above and beat that adversity.

Kansas Jayhawks — With all due respect to the Memphis team the Kansas Jayhawks look as though they should be in the top three. Memphis has made a point of talking about how free throw shooting is not important, although nervous about it actually costing them in this tournament. Meanwhile this Kansas team is winning with solid coaching, and distribution of production from a variety of sources. Darrell Arthur has led this team all season and producing again in the post season as Kansas has walked right through the opposition up to this point. The most impressive thing is how Kansas has been able to adjust to the team they are playing and be successful with different styles of basketball.

Next it is time to look at everybody’s favorite; the Cinderella teams. In part of the two part series three teams will be looked at that may surprise this weekend and keep the dream alive of going to a final four and advancing to a place that many experts thought they would never be.

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