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2008 March Madness MidWest Bracket Breakdown

The Midwest is tough and rugged and full with some super talent led by Kansas that led the Big 12 and they were awarded with the number one seed. The players in this tournament will provide for some good basketball and some good match ups. Look at OJ Mayo of USC going up against Michael Beasley in the first round. That alone will be worth the great watch of two super stars that will be in the NBA as early as next year. This bracket will boast the Big Ten conference champion and the Big east regular season Champion in Wisconsin and Georgetown.

Early advances: The first round is looking good for the higher seeds. Kansas will not be the first number one seed to lose to a 16 seed and look for them to advance easily in round one. The 8/9 meeting in the first round will be nice to but we have to give the edge to the UNLV running rebels off a great upset of BYU and full of experience after going deep last year in the big dance against Kent St. Vanderbilt at #4 will get the easy pass in the first round since they are stocked with senior talent and went to the sweet sixteen last year. Georgetown and Wisconsin will advance easily looking towards the second round from the Midwest bracket. In what should be a close game look for USC to get past the Cats of Kansas St as the Pac 10 is very deep and talented.

Dark horse east teams: Dark horse teams are all over the tournament bracket as a whole but in this bracket they are going to be hard pressed to go deep with as talented as the top seeds are starting with Kansas going all the way to the four seed. The favorite spot in years past to look for the upset has been the 12 over the 5 seed but if you looked for it last year you would have been in trouble as all of the 5 seeds beat the 12 seeds. This year will be different and you can look for that 12/5 upset but not here as Clemson is on a solid run. That is not to say this bracket will not have its share of upsets in the first round you can look for the ten seed Davidson to beat the Zags and advance in the first round and looking ahead to the second round don’t be surprised if the Trojans take down Wisconsin as they have been vulnerable to upsets in recent tournaments.

The winner is: The Kansas Jay hawks. This team is ready for a run in the big dance and they have the three things that will get them there. They are deep, they are talented and they are well coached. This bracket will not be a walk in the park for Kansas to get there but they will as they may not face a tough challenge until they get to the elite eight and the path has been paved for them to get there. My main concern for them to stumble will be Georgetown as they have the similar traits to advance deep in this tournament but I give it all to the Kansas Jay hawks in the Midwest bracket.

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