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2008 March Madness East Bracket Breakdown

Let’s start in the East where North Carolina rules the roost and was given the number one seed for winning the ACC, but closely behind in the number 2 spot is Tennessee and they will provide some solid talent at the bottom of the bracket. Overall it is easy to see that the East is the deepest bracket with the most talent and should provide some of the best basketball in the entire tournament. The winner of the east will have the edge to go to the championship and could easily win it all.

Early advances: When you look at the first round you have to admit that some of the first round advances should be easy. With the number one seed never losing to a 16 seed in history and this game being played in Raleigh you can look for the tar Heels to advance early along with Tennessee but then it will get a bit tougher for some of the other teams. Washington St has four players that average double figures and should jump past Winthrop in the first round.

Dark horse east teams: This list is full of teams in the East that could make some noise and pull off the upset. The Hogs are full of talent and the Hoosiers are also full of depth and talent and could make a run. It does not stop there as Pitino will have his cardinals ready at the number three seed and the Irish at the five seed and even George Mason at number 12 could reproduce a Cinderella run with the bracket spot that they have been granted. Butler is talented but could fall to the 10/7 upset playing South Alabama basically in their own back yard. The best dark horse team in my eyes is St. Joseph coming out of the A 10. They can beat Oklahoma in the first round which would set up a meeting against the Cardinal and they have the defense to win in that spot as well and I would not be surprised to see them in the sweet sixteen.

The winner is: Tennessee Volunteers. They were actually pretty fortunate to grab a second seed here in this tournament. They should run into a tough team in Butler in the second round and could even hit Louisville or dark horse St. Joseph in the round after that but it is pretty clear unless they have a major meltdown look for the orange to make it to the final’s in the east and with the Tar Heels looking at a tougher road to the finals the Volunteers are worthy of the East championship selection.

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