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2008 Atlantic 10 A10 Conference Championship Preview

This is a fare warning for everyone in the country; do not look past the teams in the Atlantic 10. The Atlantic 10 has had some great runs in the past but for the post part they have been somewhere between a mid-major conference and a major conference. This year the A-10 although not solid from top to bottom has what it takes with a few select teams to make some noise in the big dance and other teams should start paying attention right now during the conference tournament because they will be assured to see it late in March when one of these teams are making a run!

Favorites: Finally in a conference tournament there is one clear cut favorite to win the entire ball of wax. Xavier is the best team in this tournament and they are defending champions of this tournament. They have gone an outstanding 14-2 in this conference that has been tougher than in seasons past and have a great ranking of 8 in the entire country. They are defending champions and a team that is 20-0 when they have four players or more in double figures Xavier is poised to win another title.

Dark Horses: Now before we crown Xavier the champion of the A 10 conference tournament we should look at some of the other teams because as mentioned the conference has some quality teams and surprised plenty of people this year. If you sleep on these teams they will surprise you. Temple comes into the tournament as one of the hottest teams in the A-10 winning four straight and they grabbed the second seed, but outside of the A-10 no one may even know that. Umass and Richmond are also two teams that have talent enough to win this tournament and surprise Xavier on the way to the title and the big dance. The lower seeds are all but done in this tournament and at best have one and done in them when it comes to this tournament.

Don’t bet on it: Any seed lower than #4. Many tournaments, like the Big East are deep and they have the right combination to surprise the higher seeded teams and make a run in conference, but that is not the case for the A-10. Dayton, St. Joseph’s, Charlotte, and Rhode Island are not bad ball clubs and they may make a little noise but to go deep in this tournament is asking way too much of these clubs as overall they are still over manned. The conference tournament is held in Philadelphia PA. so some of the clubs may get a good fan base but it just won’t happen.

And the winner is: Xavier is hands down the winner of this tournament. I don’t think it will be easy and the final four of this tournament should be at least three of the top four seeded teams, but it is Xavier’s tournament to lose. They are high ranked, have depth, and experience unless an unexpected tumble occurs they will again be crowned A-10 conference tournament champions.

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