• Pleaser Bets

    With the latest technologies and the best online sportsbooks stepping to the forefront with new ways to wager on sports, it is still an old favorite that provides some of the best betting entertainment. Pleasers are one of the favorite ways that sports bettors like to wager on the latest sporting events.

    A pleaser bet is very similar to a teaser bet. If you have not had a chance to look at our explanation of teaser betting, here is a quick definition.  A teaser is a point spread bet where the line is adjusted or “teased” to give the bettor a greater chance of winning.

    The pleaser bet is a teaser bet with a twist. A pleaser bet is a bet that allows the player to move the line in the sports book’s favor, in exchange for better than normal odds. It is similar to a teaser except the sports book is gaining the better line while you receive the chance at a higher payout as the player. So the player will allow the sports book to have the better line, while increasing the payouts.

    The amount of teams that can be used in a pleaser bet is dependent on the online sports book that you utilize. Before joining an online sports book to bet on pleasers, check out the top ten list of online sports books provided by Bang the Book.com to find the sports book that offers what you prefer in sports betting, especially when it comes to pleasers.

    The pleaser can be attuned with different ranges of points that can be used to adjust the point-spread. The more points used to fine-tune the pleaser, the higher the odds will sway in the favor of the sports bettor. This is due to the fact that the risk is increasing.

    Pleasers are not for the weak of heart, however if played properly the reward will be well worth the risk.

    More On Pleasers:

    • Multi-Chance Pleasers - Multi-Chance Pleaser is similar to a Progressive Pleaser, as the sports bettor may still win with incorrect selections. However, the payouts do not increase with more correct selections.
    • Progressive Pleasers -Progressive pleaser works much the same way as a pleaser. However, with a Progressive pleaser, there is a relief payout for having an incorrect selection.