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  • Dont Get Caught In The Moment

    Last week was the wild card weekend in the NFL. Baltimore, New York, Dallas, and Arizona advanced to the next round. Baltimore and New York pulled off decent upsets and the Cowboys ran all over the Eagles again. They were all great victories but don’t make a mistake and read into it too much.  

    This week everywhere you look and listen to the world is applauding the effort by the winning teams last week in the playoffs. The Jets stunned the Bengals and now everyone thinks they are for real. The Ravens stomped New England and now many experts are calling for the upset win over the Colts and finally the Cowboys trounced the Eagles and fans are yelling for the Superbowl. 

    While all of those wins were very impressive let’s not put the cart before the horse. Too many sports bettors get caught up in the moment and ride the flavor of the week. These teams have as many flaws as they have good points. 

    The Ravens embarrassed the Patriots rushing defense to win last week, but the minute Joe Flacco has to throw more than 10 times a game this Ravens team becomes a different team. The Jets beat up on the Bengals but this was the same team that gave up 169 yards to Cedric Benson and finally there are the Cowboys. The Cowboys beat Philadelphia twice and although that is impressive they will still have to try and win a playoff game with a quarterback that ha sonly won once in the post season and perhaps more importantly they will have to do it on the road. 

    The playoffs are here and are very exciting but the trend of jumping on the hot team can get you in the end if you don’t do your homework. The key to this is not to get too caught up in the moment. Stick with your handicapping techniques that have awarded you up to this point and the profits will continue to come in.