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Rule #18 Betting the 2010 NFL Playoffs

The playoffs is a sad time of year for some because it signifies the end of the NFL season but for others it is a great time of year because every game could be a teams last one and they go all out. For a sports handicapper and football bettor it can be a money making time of year. Here are just a few things to look at when approaching the playoffs this year. 

Wagering on home teams is not an automatic bet. While home field advantage is helpful it does not always equate to betting success in the past, but it does if you can find the home teams that will win straight up. Home teams are just 10-10 straight up in the last five years but those teams that did win covered the number. That’s because when home teams have won outright, they’re covering at an 80 percent clip. Focus on what team you think will win and then import the effect of playing at home. The home team does have a bit more of a bite when they are a dog as they have covered at an 11-3 ATS rate. The problem is home teams are all favored this weekend. This brings us to reading the lines. 

When the lines are smaller it is an indication that the teams are closely matched. As mentioned all the home teams are favored this week and all of them have smaller numbers. This may not mean much. After all road dogs are just 41-40 ATS in the last 81 games and the margin of victory leads towards blowouts instead of close games.  

The word of the opening week in the playoffs is rematch. Three of the four games that are being played this week are rematches of week 17. When it comes to games in week 17 as a sports bettor you can toss out the games between the Cardinals and the Packers and the Jets and the Bengals. Both the Bengals and the Cardinals had nothing to play for and gave up soon after opening kickoff. The Eagles Cowboys game may be a bit different because both teams had plenty on the line and with the win the Cowboys may have taken the season out from under the Eagles. 

The playoffs are here and it can be a very profitable place for a sports bettor. They key is to follow some of the steps that are outlined in this article and do your homework. Injuries play a key role in the playoffs and have affected every game on the card for this weekend. Watch the reports and use the announcements to your advantage. This method will bring you a great end to the season and plenty of profits for the New Year! 

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