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2010 Utah Jazz Preview

The Jazz looked poised to make a run at the title last year or at least to go very deep in the playoffs. They were not able to do either one. Instead injuries took over and the Utah Jazz started limping through the season. They came back with peaks and valleys only to squeak into the playoffs. In the first round they lost in five games to the Lakers and were sent home packing. 

When your Jerry Sloan and you’re starting your 22nd season as the head coach of the Jazz you can write your own ticket. Jerry Sloan is a hall of fame coach and regardless of the type of talent that he has he will make sure that his team competes every year and this year will be no different. 

In the draft the Jazz grabbed guard Eric Maynor in the first round and followed up with center Goran Suton in the second round. Not a bad draft by any means but got a C grade from many of the experts. The Jazz did not pick up anyone in the free agent market but they still had some excitement in the off-season. The Jazz could have lost Mehmet Okur, Carlos Boozer and Paul Milsap if they did not do something about it. Instead all three players were signed to deals or decided to stay for their last year of the contracts. Now the key will be how healthy they can be for the season. 

The Jazz have talent and will not have the distractions of contracts that need to be signed but they have to deal with the Carlos Boozer issue. He can leave after this year and the Jazz may let him if he does not last the entire year. Sloan can keep them focused and they have enough talent to make the playoffs. How far they can go after that will defend on the match up in the first round. The Jazz find themselves in the middle of the pack in the NBA.