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2010 Sacramento Kings Preview

This was one of the worst seasons in franchise history for the Sacramento Kings. They were beaten down at hoe on a regular basis to include losing by more than 40 points on one occasion. They traded most of the players that had any talent and they wasted away as a once proud franchise. With just 17 wins on the season this team has only one way to go and that is up.  

They started with grabbing a veteran head coach in Paul Westphal. He will have his job cut out for him but the good news is that the Kings do not have high expectations. In fact this team is not expected to win at all. It is not a stretch to think that this could be the worst team in the NBA.  

The off-season had some high expectations because they had a decent draft picks. The first round pick of Omri Casspi--a native of Israel—will at least turn some heads and get some press for the Kings and he will try with all his might to translate his international game to the NBA. The Kings grabbed Sean May and added him to the roster and although he has disappointed some in his early years, the Kings will give him a chance to be his own player and not a product of the system. The international flavor does not stop with Casspi as the Kings still have Andres Nocioni and he has been a respected player when he was with the Bulls. They have a respectable inside presence in Spencer Hawes but it may be asking too much to get anything from these players as a team in year one.  

The Kings not only have the tough task of getting this team to play on the same page but they play out West and therefore the talent around them is deeper. Westphal needs to work some magic in year one to get this team to believe in what they can do and try to get some respect for what used to be a dominant home court. The Kings will be in the lottery again and should be able to build towards a great future but it looks like the basement for them again this year.