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2010 Phoenix Suns Preview

The Suns had a season full of turmoil. Looking at the record it may be hard to see exactly what happened because they finished second in the Pacific and was 10 games above .500. However for the first time since 2004 the Suns were on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. The Suns were in the middle of a series of changes and this would continue in the off-season. 

Alvin Gentry was hired in mid-season as head coach replacing Terry Porter. Porter and GM Steve Kerr did not see eye to eye on all of the changes and the new scoring philosophy that was being installed. Overall it was a mess and so Alvin Gentry now gets a shot at taking the reins but he will have a brand new team. 

Kerr was busy with moving player personnel and it started last year when he shipped   Raja Bell and Boris Diaw in December, but this was just the beginning. The big news was sending Shaquille O’Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the off-season for some talent. In the draft the Phoenix Suns picked forward Earl Clark and in the second round grabbed forward Taylor Griffin. Finally they quietly added Channing Frye and Aleksandar Pavlovic to the Suns team and it would seem that Kerr is not done yet. 

The Suns will always be a contender because of one guy and that is Steve Nash. Even if the talent was sub-par around him he can make them look good. Nash will have the ability to spread the floor a bit more now that Gentry has taken over and don’t be surprised if Kerr makes some more changes as the season starts. The Suns will be in the race for a late spot in the playoffs but if they make it don’t look for them to go past the first round with all of the talent in the west.