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2010 Orlando Magic Preview

The Magic went to the playoffs and no one would have been surprised if they lost in the first round. Instead they surprised the league and the world by going all the way to the finals. They did it by beating quality teams along the way and Dwight Howard proved he is one of the best players in the NBA. The Magic went deep in the playoffs even though they had injuries to the starting lineup. This year should be another good run at the title and the off-season pick ups can make all the difference. 

Stan Van Gundy had a tough year as he was constantly beat up by critics and verbally abused by Shaq, but in the end he had the last laugh. He led his team to the Promised Land and higher expectations then any fan could ask for, the problem is he has to do it again. 

The big focus in the East during the free agent season was all the pick-ups that teams had. The Magic did not want to be left out in the cold and they landed free agent Vince Carter. He may be older but he still has the scoring ability from the outside that can compliment Dwight Howard if he can stay healthy. The big pick-up was big news but little attention was paid to the loss of Hedo Turkoglu. He was a key component to the playoff run and without him the Magic is a different team. This is where the draft comes into play. 

The only problem for the Orlando Magic is that they did not draft anyone. The Magic had no picks in the draft due to trades and other reasons that shipped the picks to other teams. So for now the pick up of Carter will have to keep this team and the fans happy. 

The Magic have just too big of a stick to measure up to this year. Returning to the finals will depend on the play of Vince Carter and if he can give the Magic what they will miss in Turkoglu. There is an array or role players that have to stand up and be better this year and it just won’t happen. The Magic will reach the playoffs and be a good team but they will have enough trouble winning the division and will be a lower seed in the playoffs. Howard will carry them but in the end a trip to the finals would be magical.