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2010 New Jersey Nets Preview

What happened to the Nets last year? They came out of the gate playing well and then fizzled at the midway point and never materialized into the playoff team they thought they should have been. Veterans looked like they were going through the motions and the Nets played selfish basketball and it cost them a playoff spot in the end.  

Lawrence Frank begins his seventh season as Nets head coach and for a team that has not done well in the past it is a surprise to see a coach hang around as long as he has. That could end soon with the way the nets have been playing. The Nets are under new ownership and they need to win now to avoid some major changes down the road that could start with the coach. 

In the draft the Nets landed Terrence Williams out of Louisville and he has the versatility and the athleticism to step right into the lineup and make some plays for the nets. Vince Carter left to go to Orlando but that might be a good thing for the nets as Carter was not exactly a team player. In return the nets got Rafer Alston, Tony Battie, and Courtney Lee with the biggest pick up being Courtney Lee. He is young and talented and will be one of the better players in the lineup when the season starts. 

The Nets are not going to make the playoffs. Some experts have them fighting for a 7th or 8th playoff spot in the East but the teams that will be fighting for that spot are all better than the Nets. The Nets will take some time to improve under new management and will wait for the long awaited move to Brooklyn to start sniffing the playoffs.