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2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Betting

The NBA season is starting and this is an exciting time of the year for first year players as they are trying to figure out what the league is all about. When a sports bettor is trying to forecast who the rookie of the year will be they have to consider a few things. They have to consider the player, the team they signed, and the amount of playing time they will get. This year’s class is an impressive one so let’s take a look at some of the top candidates for this year’s award.

Blake Griffin (+100) –At even money he is the favorite to win it all. He is going to get some serious playing time as the Clippers can’t wait to see him in uniform. The problem is the Clippers Curse has already set in as he blew out his knee cap already and has yet to play a game.

Stephen Curry (+500) –If you watched him play a second in college you know this kid can shoot. The best part is he went to a team that encourages shooting. He will play a style and temp that caters to how he plays and that should lead to some decent numbers that will get some looks from voters.

Johnny Flynn (+975) –The odds are great on Johnny Flynn. He has the talent to be a good player in the league and will get some playing time. Since the Wolves drafted Ricky Rubio and he snubbed the Wolves by staying overseas Flynn has a lot to prove and wants to show the Wolves they made a great pick.

Tyler Hansbrough (+2000) –If his college career means anything this kid should translate well to the NBA. The Pacers will get him some time on the floor and after being the best player in college basketball he still has something to prove in the pros. He was well coached and has a drive that will make him a quick learner and a player that contributes right away. At these odds it may be worth a look.

Here is a list of some of the other rookies this year that have odds by Bookmaker posted for rookie of the year:

Tyreke Evans +675 
James Harden +825 
Ricky Rubio +950 
Gerald Henderson +1000 
Field (any player not listed) +1300 
Hasheem Thabeet +1500 
DeMar De Rozan +1600 
DeJuan Blair +1800 
Terrence Williams +1800 
Earl Clark +2000 
James Johnson +2000 
Jeff Teague +2000