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2009 NBA Playoff Preditions

The NBA season is upon us and it is time to make NBA predictions. This article will cover the teams that will make the playoffs from each conference and how deep they will go and select the finals as well as the NBA champion. So without further delay let’s begin.

Eastern Conference: Here are the following eight teams that will make the playoffs from the East and the order they will finish.

#1 Orlando Magic—Surprised? You shouldn’t be, they did go to the finals last year and they got better bringing Vince Carter in and Dwight Howard is the best young player in the NBA.

#2 Boston Celtics—Rasheed Wallace is a good veteran pick up for this club, but it’s a healthy KG and good defense that gets them to the #2 spot.

#3 Cleveland Cavaliers—The Shaq O’Neal experiment will take some time to catch on but they will mesh and the Cavs will get a high seed in the playoffs.

#4 Atlanta Hawks—This team is ready to take the next step and should finish in the same spot they did a year ago led by Joe Johnson and Al Hofford.

#5 Detroit Pistons—the pick up of Ben Gordon and Villanueva in the off-season will pay off but they will take some time to mesh and play defense first.

#6 Washington Wizards—Here is another surprise but the Wizards are a good club with a solid core of players. With Agent Zero back they can play with the big boys in the East.

#7 Miami Heat—this is the last season in Miami for Wade and they will make the playoffs and could have a shot at a higher seed if O’Neal stays healthy.

#8 Toronto Raptors—the Raptors are full of some talent led by Chris Bosh but they will flirt with .500 and be lucky to sneak into this spot.

Western Conference: Here are the following eight teams that will make the playoffs from the West and the order they will finish.

#1 San Antonio—The Spurs made one of the best pickups in the off-season and it will show early and often as they get the best seed in the west.

#2 LA Lakers—The Lakers will be a target to everyone they ply and that will be a reason for losses that make them a second seed.

#3 Portland Blazers—this team just keeps getting better and this could be the MVP season that Brandon Roy has been building up to.

#4 Denver Nuggets—The Nuggets have a great home court and they are led by one of the best point guards in the league, that alone is worthy of a four spot.

#5 Dallas Mavericks—you can expect the usual inconsistency from this team but they are just too good to keep out of the playoffs and could finish higher.

#6 New Orleans—Chris Paul alone could get this team to the playoffs but they have more offensive punch from the center position that will get them here.

#7 Utah Jazz-The Jazz have the talent to get here and the best coach in the game today. The seeding in the west will depend on the health of Carlos Boozer.

#8 LA Clippers—it has been a long time coming but the Clippers finally make it back to the playoffs.

Eastern Conference Playoffs: This is the better of the two conferences this year. The Hawks, Pistons, and Wizards are all capable of pulling off upsets in the playoffs and make string out some better teams but the big three of Orlando, Boston, and Cleveland will control their destiny and fight to the bitter end. When the dust settles it will be the Boston Celtics with a healthy Kevin Garnett that makes it to the finals.

Western Conference Playoffs: As much as I would like to see the Clippers advance they won’t. You can expect a surprising run by the Mavericks where they take the Spurs to the limit before falling flat. The Lakers will be ushered out by the upstart Blazers but in the end the Spurs will make it to the finals from the western conference.

In the finals it will be a great series as the Boston Celtics face off against the San Antonio Spurs. This will be a hard fought series with both teams playing well and defending the ball ferociously. After all is said and done it will be the San Antonio Spurs emerging as NBA Champions for the 2009-2010 season!