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2009-2010 NBA MVP

The NBA season is underway and the race for the MVP starts once the season tips off. The race is a familiar one for some but it may have a few surprises along the way as teams and players surprise people and play better than expected. Here is a look at a few of the front runners and the odds that the sportsbooks have on them if you want to take a shot at picking the NBA MVP for this season.

Lebron James (+100) —this is easy and if early season predictions are anything he is the front runner in this race. This explains why he is listed at even money to bring the crown home. He is playing out his last year in Cleveland and will have his best team to date. In the off-season the Cavaliers did everything in their power to bring in talent to help them win with what could be his last season in a Cavalier uniform. With Shaq O’neal on the team the Cavs are poised for a championship run and the early smart money for MVP is on King James.

Kobe Bryant (+200) –this is another easy guess at being the league’s best player and may be the only one that can run with James in most statistical categories. Defending Champion is a nice title to have and that gives a player some clout starting out the season. It also puts a target on his back and that will match him up against the toughest defense on the floor every night. He will have the points and the winning record and as long as he is healthy he will always be considered one of the best players in the league.

Dwight Howard (+250)—Howard proved last year that he is a superman in this league and one of the brightest young stars. He is marketable and controls the game. His rim rocking dunks electrify the crowd and a trip to the finals for the upstart Magic helped out. Now with Vince Carter on board it seems like the Magic can only get better.

Chris Paul (+300) –his team is off a bad season but they have added some parts that could get this team headed in the right direction. Paul is the prototype NBA point guard who brings 
size and speed, scoring skill, defensive prowess and great court vision. Regardless of the season that the Hornets have Chris Paul will be a good player to watch on the court and has the numbers that warrant a look for the most valuable player.

Kevin Garnett (+300)—KG has the physical game, the defense and the scoring ability to be in the race for the MVP. However he has two obstacles to getting the hardware at the end of the season. The first one is the knee. Last year he missed most of the season with a knee injury and he is still not 100%. The second thing is the Celtics are surrounded by talent and they have scorers that can take some of the points away from KG. Unfortunately the voters don’t vote on the intangibles.