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2010 Minnesota Timberwolves Preview

How much worse of a season could the T-wolves have then they did last season? General Manager Kevin McHale fired his head coach, took over and then in the off-season and then he was sent packing and the world found out by a player on Twitter. For a team with some talent and high hopes they looked brutal and at times like the worst team in basketball.  

So in comes Kurt Rambis has just one of the many changes that the team would go through in the off-season. Rambis is highly respected in the league and his hiring comes with plenty of recommendations from other reliable sources but he may be in over his head. The one thing for sure is there change was on the horizon. 

There was a laundry list of comings and going in the off-season for the Wolves so let’s start with the goings. Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Sebastian Telfair, and Shelden Williams were some of the bigger names to leave the fold. They all left for many different reasons but the Wolves hoped it was part of all the right moves. Quentin Richardson and Damien Wilkins went to Minnesota Timberwolves and should be part of the scoring punch but all the news was about the draft. The Wolves got a good grade for a solid draft but they took a chance when they drafted Ricky Rubio. They lost on that play as Rubio decided to stay overseas and time will tell what they will get for his right but the covered it up well with a deep draft that includes some future stars. Wayne Ellington and Jonny Flynn will step in right away and have a chance to play and Jonny Flynn will be known as the guy that stood in for Rubio.  

Al Jefferson is the player that this team will revolve around. They have some talent but they need to be molded and toughened up. They have plenty of scoring but they need to play with defense which is half the reason Rambis got the job. Kevin Love needs to put more body on the opposition and if the young kids can match the intensity the Wolves may win some games but they are still a long way off from making some noise and going to the playoffs.