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2010 Milwaukee Bucks Preview

The Bucks started off the season with promise and even marched halfway through the season hovering around the .500 mark. For a team with plenty of promise and talent they still could not make the playoffs. Down the stretch they collapsed and could not put any type of winning streak together and seemed lifeless at times. The Bucks ended the season on the outside looking in at the playoff picture. 

Scott Skiles is still the head coach although he has received plenty of criticism. Many people believed the players stopped buying into his system late in the year and that led to the demise of a possible playoff team. Change was on the horizon for the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks had plenty of change in the off-season and shipped off or lost some of the best players. Charlie Villanueva is now a Piston, and Richard Jefferson is a Spur, moving most of the teams scoring output. The Bucks managed to pick up a few potentially great players in Amir Johnson, viewed by many as a distinctly underrated power forward and Hakim Warrick from Memphis, but it will take some time for these players to gel.Bruce Bowen came over from the Spurs and he may be able to help this team gel and play defense. 

In the draft the Bucks grabbed Brandon Jennings a very young high schooler who has potential and followed that up with Jodie Meeks out of Kentucky. These players will be a part of the Bucks future but are not ready to help with the Bucks present. 

The future for the Bucks has potential and with Michael Redd on the team they will always score. Andrew Bogut is coming around a s abig man but the key will be how much contribution they get from role players such as Dan Gadzuric, Luke Ridnour, Kurt Thomas, and Charlie Bell. The Bucks will flirt with .500 and if the free agents make an impact may wrestle one of the last spots in the East.