2010 Memphis Grizzlies Preview

Memphis has some big issues. Last year they managed to finish fifth in the southwest division and that was one of the only bright spots. The team is in disarray but they have some serious talent. They on the verge of being a team that can contend for an eighth spot in the playoffs but they will need a lot of pieces to fall into place. 

Lionel Hollins will begin his second season as head coach for the Memphis Grizzlies after taking over last year. GM Chris Wallace fired Marc Iavaroni, the former Phoenix Suns assistant, and replaced him with Hollins. Hollins will have his hands full trying to make a winner of out of a bunch of young selfish players. The core is there to make some noise and get some wins but they did not get “team first” players.  

 Hakim Warrick jumped ship and went to the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee may not be a w inner this year but it has to be better than Memphis and he takes some serious scoring with him. The Grizzlies countered by getting Zach Randolph but with his history you have to seriously consider the motive. They have a young unproven coach and they bring in a trouble maker veteran that is over paid and often hurt. Then they went out and signed Allen Iverson. They signed up for small potatoes for what he usually gets paid but again they did not find a player that will help the younger talent but instead puts himself over the team. The hopes of GM Wallace were to sell some tickets for his club by bringing a big name to Memphis but in exchange he may have cost them some wins. 

The draft was one of the bright spots for the Grizzlies. Since they did so poorly last year they were able to get into a good position and get some talent. They drafted the center Hasheem Thabeet from Connecticut in the first round and in the second round gobbled up DeMarre Carroll and Sam Young. These players all could produce a couple of years down the road but they will need to be well coached and mentored and this environment may not do that for them.  

On paper the Grizzlies seem like they can get some wins with the young and talented line up they put on the floor. Gay, Mayo, Thabeet and Gasol, Iverson and Randolph are a formidable lineup but many of the players take bad shots and don’t distribute the ball as they play suspect defense at times. Injuries will most likely play a role on this team and look for Memphis to be in the lottery again next year.