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2010 LA Lakers Preview

Last year could not have been much better for the Lakers. Phil Jackson broke a record and won his 10th championship making him the best coach ever in the NBA. Kobe Bryant got the Shaq monkey off his back and won a title without the big man. This was just the start of good things to come because the team is still young and as long as they stay intact they are favored to do it again. 

Phil Jackson is the Zen master and no coach has ever made it look easier when it comes to winning championship titles. All he has to do is keep egos in check and it seems like titles just find their way to a team that he is in charge of. The only question he has to answer every off-season is will he retire or stay on for another year? 

The Lakers took a hit when they lost young Trevor Ariza to the Rockets in the off-season. His defensive prowess and his quickness on the floor will be missed and the Lakers may miss him as the season goes on. However before you start feeling sorry for the Lakers they managed to go out and grab a pretty good player in Ron Artest. His defense is key but his volatile behavior is hard to tame even for Phil Jackson. In the draft the lakers grabbed Chinemelu Elonu but he will be a work in progress that will enjoy being on a Championship club. 

The Lakers grabbed Lamar Odom and kept him in LA and with Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant the Lakers are the front runners to win a title. They key will be how Artest fits in and how the role players can do especially at the point. As much as this team is a shoe in to make the playoffs they can be beat and all the other teams will be out to get them after winning a ring. I don’t think they win a championship but they will be a dominant team that finishes in the top 5 in the NBA.