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2010 LA Clippers Preview

ell much to the chagrin of the Clipper fans, last year the Clippers were the Clippers. While next door the Lakers were racing to a championship it was the Clippers playing the bad team role they now so well. They had many months during the season when all they could manage was 1-3 wins and a trip to the lottery was inevitable.  

Mike Dunleavy is a good coach but it seem like he is a glutton for punishment as he returns to the Clippers for his seventh season. He is a great coach but the influx of players with bad backgrounds or no potential have this team reeling year in and year out. There would be no reason why this year would be any different than years past, but then a funny thing happened. 

The Clippers won the lottery. Finally something went the right way for the Clippers and they drafted the best player in basketball grabbing Blake Griffin. He has had an injury scare and they need him to be healthy but the Clippers got a good player, maybe a great one. Then they got rid of Zach Randolph and he was a cancer for the team and they managed to pick up some players that this team needs. Sebastian Telfair has been a trouble maker but Baron Davis will help him out. Rasual Butler joins the team and the Clippers may actually have something. 

Now I am not going to say the Clippers are ready for a championship or anything even close to that but they have some talent. They have a mixture of veterans led by Baron Davis and a solid stable of young players to include the best player in the nation last year in the college ranks. It is time Clipper fans and management were rewarded with a winning season and they will have it this year. The Clippers will make the playoffs and surprise teams in the early going as they come together as a team.