• Keys To NBA Betting

    The fall is the best time of the year for the sports bettor. The NFL is in full swing, MLB is headed towards the playoffs and the World Series, and college basketball and football are underway. The NBA is making its mark as well as the full schedule begins around this same time. With all of the sports playing at the same time it would make you wonder if it is even worth it to get involved with the NBA. My answer to this is yes it is worth it and the earlier you get involved the better. This article will cover some keys to betting on the NBA and how to manipulate the league to the best of your ability and increase your bankroll.

    Get out the gate slowly: The season starts in late October and with a plethora of other sports going on at the same time there is no need to wager on a bunch of NBA games at the same time. My suggestion is that you pay attention to the league and get familiar with the changes that the teams have gone through in the off-season. Pick and choose your games carefully perhaps only playing about 5 a week and only in prime positions to take advantage of schedules and soft spots.

    Don’t get overwhelmed: piggy backing on the first topic, it is important to make sure as a handicapper you do not get overwhelmed. If as a bettor you are attempting to handicap three to four different sports you’re studying will suffer and in return your bankroll will follow in a downward spiral. Look at the schedule for each week on Tuesday, which is a down day for football and circle days where you can focus on the NBA, this will enhance your time that can be spent on researching the NBA and maximize your profit. Schedules are important: When it comes to the NBA knowing the schedule is important. The NBA like major league baseball is a grind and players are not able to give 100% on every night so there are several situations in the schedule that you want to be aware of.

    Road Weary: A good fade when betting on the NBA is a team that is on a road trip and have played in more than three straight road games. This is key if they have a winning record on the road trip. Many teams look at the road trip as a whole and if they know they are going to have a winning road trip they are more than likely to walk through the remaining games.

    Four in Five: Another good fade is an NBA team that has played four games in five nights. This one is simple enough to understand. A team that has played four games in five nights is tired and don’t have the legs necessary to put a good game together and often has it mailed in by halftime.

    Look ahead and National TV: The look ahead game is very real in the NBA and a team that is playing a team that is below .500 and has a rival match up or a national televised game up next is likely to look past the inferior opponent in favor of the stronger team. This works especially well if when they are playing the weaker team they are a double digit favorite.

    These keys are a good foundation when you wager on the NBA and will help you to a long and successful season.