2010 Golden State Warriors Preview

The Warriors had some serious high hopes for the season and basketball was exciting again in Oakland. They had played well in the playoffs and play an exciting brand of basketball. They even started off in 2008 like they were going to compete but then defensive left the game plan and the only way they were going to win was to score 120+ on any given night. That plan fizzled quickly and so did the Golden State Warriors

Don Nelson has never been much for playing defense. His game plan is to run and gun and outscore the opponent. He never needs a big plan loves quick guards that can shoot. This approach gets him in trouble with players and fans but then he wins them over with some big wins. This will get old quick and Nellie needs to get back to the playoffs in his fourth season. 

In the off-season the Warriors had a pretty good draft getting the best pure shooter in college when they drafted Stephen Curry.He should thrive in this offense and make an impact righta way. Nellie was not done there as he went out and grabbed some free agents that offer some of the same skill set. The Warriors brought in Speedy Claxton, Devean George, and Acie Law. Marco Belinelli for Devan George was frowned upon by most fans but in Nellie they trust, for now. This may have been the same type of player they already had, but now they are deeper in key positions. 

Monta, Curry, Captain Jack, A-Randolph and Biedrins form a must-watch lineup from the Warriors. They are a good team full of talent and deep on the bench and they will play well at home. They will be in the race for a playoff spot but defense wins ballgames and the Warriors always seem to come up short on the defensive side of the ball. One thing for sure is the Warriors will be fun to watch.