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2010 Detroit Pistons Preview

It could not have gone worse for the Detroit Pistons last year. They traded Chauncey Billups to the Nuggets for Allen Iverson. AI was a wreck while Billups went on to lead the Nuggets deep in the playoffs. They made the playoffs and were promptly swept out of the playoffs and went home not even making a dent in the post season. After a season to forget the Pistons had to make some big changes.  

The theme for the off-season should have been labeled out with the old and in with the new. It started with the head coach as Michael Curry was ushered out of town and in came John Kuester. The name may not sound familiar to you but the Pistons needed to go in a different direction. Curry tried to be a players coach and it caused turmoil in the locker room that still lingers in the media today. The coach was not the only to go as the Pistons needed some talent. 

The old veteran’s defensive squad that was so successful in the past is gone. Along with that are several key players to championship runs of the past. Rasheed Wallace was the biggest cog to go and the Pistons sent off Antonio McDyess. Then the Pistons opened the doors and the wallets for youth. They signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to boost the scoring and youth. They did keep true to the past and wanted to keep a defensive posture and brought back Big Ben Wallace.  

The free agents came flocking to Detroit and Joe Dumars went to the draft looking to fill the remaining holes. Austin Daye was the pick in the first round and in the second round they added Jonas Jerebko, and DaJuan Summers. While it’s not an A+ draft, the Pistons went from an aging team on the decline to a young team ready to make some noise in the Central.  

The problem with this team is outside of Kwame Brown they have no real inside presence. Ben Wallace is getting older and the East is getting bigger. The Pistons will win on hot shooting nights but don’t look for them to get a shot at the title in the Central. The more likely scenario will be fighting for a low seed in the East but Ben Gordon should be able to put up some big numbers.