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2010 Denver Nuggets Preview

Last year was a dream season for the Denver Nuggets. They had everything fall into place from great trades, stars emerging and winning the right games. The problem is they could have gone to the finals and fell hard to the Lakers. It seemed like they had every chance in the world and now they will have to start from scratch. 

George Karl is an up and down coach. The players, fans, and management love him when he is winning and hate him when he is losing. Last year they loved him but if this year he does not do as well then they will hate him. The problem is that the fans, players, and management think that there is a ring in the future and that may not be the case in the rugged western conference. 

In the off-season the Nuggets had some player movement. Out the door went Steven Hunter, Dahntay Jones, and Linas Kleiza leaving some holes in depth. They brought in Malik Allen but the real catch may be the draft. The Nuggets waited and drafted late but still were able to get Ty Lawson out of North Carolina. For a late draft pick this was a steal and he does not have to produce right away and can learn from Billups and become a good player.  

This team is good and the playoffs are a must. They have a sweet home court advantage and they are led by one of the best in Billups. Billups makes Anthony a better player and he still should be on pace for a MVP-like season. They key will actually be how the role players perform. J.R. Smith needs to grow up. Last year he showed signs of being a superstar but needs to stay professional and keep his composure. He promises this year he will have more maturity after spending some time in the off-season in jail. If he does come back with a new attitude the Nuggets can make the run for a title. They are still one of the top teams in the NBA and should make a deep run in the playoffs.