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2010 Dallas Mavericks Preview

The Mavericks were embarrassed in the playoffs two years ago after a great season they were pushed out of the playoffs as a top seed. Last year they had to make amends for that and they came out and had a great regular season. They won 50 games and looked like champions after knocking out the dreaded Spurs in the first round. The second round provided a much bigger challenge and the Mavericks were sent home by the up and coming Denver Nuggets. This year the goal is to go even father in the playoffs and have a chance at a championship. 

Rick Carlisle begins his second season as the head coach for the Dallas Mavericks. If his second year is anything like his first year big things are expected from this team. His style was accepted immediately and the Mavericks made great strides on both ends of the floor. In the of-season the Mavericks made a point of getting the kind of players that Carlisle needs to fit his coaching style. 

The Mavericks lost Brandon Bass, Devean George, and Jerry Stackhouse, but the biggest loss is Bass. Bass proved to be young and athletic and could play well inside. The Mavericks made up for his loss and grabbed three superstars. Shawn Marion joined the club and his scoring ability will stretch out defenses that like to load up on Dirk Nowitzki. Drew Gooden and Tim Thomas were both added to maintain some presence down low to add to the forward position. The versatility and the scoring threats combined improved this team. In the draft the Mavericks grabbed Rodrique Beaubois in the first round and then came back to get Nick Calathes, and Ahmad Nivins in the second round.  

This team is about to jump into the top tier of teams in the West. If the new additions can meld with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd they are talented enough to get to the finals. They are deep and have the right mixture of youth and brawn to go far. The center position may be a question mark but in the west it won’t matter. The Mavericks are a team to be reckoned with.