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2010 Cleveland Cavaliers Preview

Cleveland was all lined up to win a championship last year. They had the league’s best player, the best record in the NBA and home court advantage. The league was abuzz with Kobe Vs Lebron for weeks and then something funny happened. The Cleveland Cavaliers were upset in the final by the Magic and they lost four games to two. The biggest problem was no real inside threat and no match for Dwight Howard. The Cavaliers looked to solve that problem this year.  

Mike Brown was lauded as one of the best coaches in the NBA but you can still hear murmurs about how he handled his team down the stretch in the playoffs. The goal this season is simple, win a championship and they set out to make this team better this year by getting a great compliment of players.  

In the draft the Cavs had plenty of picks and did a great job of drafting with what they had. In the first round they got Christian Eyenga and they followed that up in the second round by getting Danny Green and Emir Preldzic. The biggest news of the off-season was not the draft but the free agents that the Cavs managed to get.  

The Cavs spent some money in the off-season and the front office almost looked desperate to win now considering all signs point to Lebron leaving as a free agent. They got Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon, and stole Leon Powe from the Eastern conference rival Boston Celtics. The big splash of the entire free agent market this year is when they got Shaquille O’Neal. He brings personality and talent and although he is not as young as he used to be he can fill a weakness the Cavs had last year. He provides size and muscle down low for when the Magic and the Celtics come to town. They will most likely handle him with kid gloves during the season to make sure he is healthy for a playoff drive to the Championship.  

All of the great pick ups may not be enough for this team. They will make the playoffs and compete for the best record in the NBA but there are still plenty of variables out there. How will Shaq and Lebron do on the same court and can Shaq stay healthy. Will talk of Lebron leaving distract this team? Even if the Cavaliers emerge as champions this year Lebron still may leave so for Cleveland fans it may be now or never for this franchise.