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2010 Charlotte Bobcats Preview

For as bad as the Bobcats were last year and have been ever since they have come into the league they can still take pride in the fact that they did not finish last in the division. In fact late in the season the bobcats still had a legitimate shot at making the NBA playoffs.  The hopes for this year are much higher but with changes on the team it may be too much to ask for. 

Larry Brown is at the helm and he is good at teaching young talent how to play well. In his second year he has been allowed to set up the team he wants and now it is time he starts showing what he can bring to the floor with this year’s edition of the Bobcats. This year’s team will be much different as they went through some off-season changes. 

The lost forward Sean May in the off-season and while he will be missed the biggest news was a trade the Bobcats had with the Hornets. They shipped a young talent in center Emeka Okafor to the Hornets for Tyson Chandler. Tyson Chandler is a different player than Okafor and will bring intensity on the defensive side of the ball. They lose Okafor and his offense but if they can keep Chandler healthy they may have made a great deal. They also added Flip Murray and Brown should have the pieces he needs to win a few more games. 

In the draft the Charlotte Bobcats grabbed some more young talent to add to the core they already have. In the draft they selected guard Gerald Henderson and followed that with two more picks in the second round. Those two picks were Derrick Brown and Robert Vaden. These players have some raw talent and if anyone can get some production from them it will be Larry Brown. 

The future looks bright for the Bobcats, but it almost has to since they have never put a playoff team on the floor. This year with a full season with Boris Diaw and Raja Bell and some newcomers that can play defense the Bobcats will be improved. They should be fighting for that eighth and final playoff spot in the east and looking at a record that sits right about .500. If they miss the playoffs again the next change may come at head coach.