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2008 NBA Rookie of the Year Betting

The NBA season is in full swing and for future bettors one of the more interesting future wagers is the Rookie of The Year. Many of the professional sports bettors believe that betting on future wagers are a very profitable way to make money in professional sports. The sports bettor can place the wager before the season starts and then as they year progresses they can make another one to hedge off that future or even add to it if needed. In this article we will look at the rookie of the year wagering in the NBA. We will cover some of the sleepers, and rookies that have jumped out red hot and those that went bust in the night.

Greg Oden (Blazers, N/A) — He was the front runner as he was heavily hyped heading into the draft and looked towards a promising rookie campaign. Sports bettors gathered up and placed some future wagers on Oden to win the award but had to scramble quickly to make it up when it was announced that Oden would not play basketball this year due to an injury.

Kevin Durant (Sonics, -350) — When Oden went down all eyes turned towards Durant as he was hyped just as much as Oden in the draft and was the #2 best pick in the league. Future bettors that got Durant early got him at a great price as he leads all rookies at 20 points per game.

Yi Jianlian (Bucks +1200) — what looked like a bad draft pick for the Bucks has turned into something nice. Yi came out in the draft and said that he would not play for the Bucks but after some thought and some pressure he changed his tune. He has shined and played in 28 games averaging ten points per game and 46% from the floor. He is closing in on Durant for the hardware.

Juan Carlos Navarro (Grizzlies, +1200 field) — sports bettors would not have found this name on the ballot before the season started and they would have to have wagered on the field to bet on Juan. This little known rookie has since made a name for him and is making waves as a rookie. Juan just trails Yi by percentage points in scoring per game and making a run as the dark horse for this hardware.

Alfred Horford (Hawks, +800) – Hofford was a threat coming out of the draft and was part of one of the best Hawks drafts in awhile. He has put up some solid numbers and is second in points, rebounds, and assists in rookies only behind Durant. The hawks are starting to succeed and if the sports bettor has yet to make a pick for rookie of the year and is looking for value Hofford is the man.

Jamario Moon (Raptors, +1200 field) – Looking for the biggest surprise of the season it might as well be Mr. Moon. He has put up amazing numbers and electrifying dunks. He is fourth in rebound, points, and assists and an amazing value as rookie of the year.

Busts: Sports bettors that invested in players like Joakim Noah, Acie Law, or Mike Conley quickly realized the money was not well spent. Injuries and tough transitions to the pro game have been problems for all of these players this year.

When betting on rookie of the year it is important that the future bettor makes sure of theier investment by checking up on it regularly and if at anytime they need to adjust or hedge it should be done. Good luck on your future wagers and the selection for NBA rookie of the year! Check out BetOnline below for the best NBA Rookie Betting Odds